Bags available at NM Beverly Hills

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  1. I was just at NM Beverly Hills and they have:

    White GST with silver hardware
    Beige GST with gold hardware

    Black Patent Timeless Clutch

    White caviar Jumbo with gold hardware / classic chain
    Black Lambskin Jumbo with silver hardware /classic chain

    Call Janine at 310 550 5900
    Janine told me that she was told the increase at NM will start on Sat. not Thursday. But to be certain if there is anything you want here CALL her now!
  2. Nov. 3rd - Price Increase for NM.

    You have some more time to shop at NM.:tup:
  3. oh wow, that's great to know, thanks for posting!!
  4. Hold on -- am I reading this right? White classic Jumbo with gold hardware in the classic chain?

    I asked if this was available at the Beverly Hills Chanel boutique, and they told me that it is not coming out until summer. Please confirm! I'd love to get my hands on this!
  5. I just bought it, they have it at both NM and Chanel Boutique in San Francisco.

  6. I was at NM Bev Hills and Janine handed it to me and asked it I wanted it - a jumbo white classic in caviar with gold hardware / classic chain. I am not a jumbo fan - so I passed on it. Might still be there.
  7. Oh my gosh! I must go see! Thank you!
  8. I just called them and they told me they had 3 shipments of the white/gold, but all of them sold out! Also, the SA told me the price increase is TOMORROW (Friday), not Saturday. Weird!
  9. Strange indeed because another NM has reported Sat, Nov 4th as being the price increase date. Oh well...would be nice if they could pick a date and stick to it.
    Sorry they sold that bag, like I said - I saw it yesterday and hung it off my shoulder. Infact I played with the white and black jumbo.:sad:
  10. You didn't like the white Jumbo, then? Did you end up getting the black one?

    I appreciate you posting the info, though! You had my heart racing! ;) Another user (Savannah) ended up helping me out and I was able to get a hold on one! I'm super excited! :smile:
  11. ^^Even though I am 5'7 I find the Jumbos to be too big on me - I prefer the GST if I am going to have something that big. So, I tend to say with the med. flaps. SA / Janine pulled them for me thinking I "just" might be tempted with the price increase. So, I had to explain that I was appreciative of her thoughtfulness but Jumbos aren't me. Sounds like the white must have found a new home very quickly upon my decline. In fact could have been some of the other SAs didn't know it was even there as she grabbed it as soon as she saw it come in and held it for me. She said there was originally two white Jumbos but the other was gone before I got there yesterday.
    So, no I did not get either white or the black jumbo.

    Glad you found one.:tup: Congrats!!

    Funny the Chanel Boutique would say they are not out yet - when apparently they are. :rolleyes:
  12. So for the price increase, will it be Sat or tomorrow?
  13. I was told Sat. on Wed while at NM, but Peach was told it would be Friday when she called. Best to call tomorrow and ask - sounds like every SA has a different answer unfortunately.:nogood:
  14. :s I just off the phone (with a SA in Las Vegas), he said it's tomorrow.


    So, I decided to get the GST ..(last min)!
  15. ^^ Great that you called and double checked....

    Super happy you got your GST - fabulous bag!!!:tup: