Bags at Barneys Manhasset N.Y Today So Fabulous...

  1. Hey Ladies , so I am new to the forum but I have been enjoying all of your conversations, pics and posts, you are all so fun and fab.... I went to Barneys in Manhasset N.Y today and they had all sorts of goodies and the S.A (Cathy ) was a doll. This is what I remember...
    they had about 10 firsts in all different colors the latest were the Fire engine red, the newest gray , grenat, truffle, lilac and black. the colors from spring were ink , the old gray, a sage green and a cornflower blue. they at least 7 work bags in different colors light gray, white , ink, truffle , and black , they were probably more but I can't remember there were only 2 city's they had were light gray and black. they also had about 4 weekenders. a couple of day hobo's the black with the blue and white toile fabric, 4 boxes and coin purses , they had a lot of the new colors the only ones I didn't really see were the Sapin and the Blueberry. The Fire engine red is amazing!!!! It looks kind of similar to the 2003 red that Sienna sports ,they had these weird looking oval clutch bags , no boobies and a 2 coin purses and a couple of wallets anyway hope that helps they had a nice selection and I couldn't decide what I wanted , I am still pining away for a 1005 Turquiose Work or weekender.....
  2. Thanks for the update. That store always has a nice selection of Bbags.
  3. any time, it really does.......
  4. Thanks for the report libragirl!
  5. Thanks Alot for the update....:smile:
  6. there was also 2 shoulder bags 1 in ink and one in a light pink color.
  7. welcome to the balenciaga sub, libragirl!
  8. i hope the ink the nice SA from beverley hills found for me is not from here, i'll be upset if it's sitting out on display!!
  9. Hummm, so they had a rouge city bag??!?!?!? Does that mean that they're finally hitting the market?
  10. The Barneys BH had them in and I read that the NM SF had some Rouge Vig City bags in, too. I hope BalNY gets their shipment in soon! If I hadn't pre-ordered, I would sooo be all over the ones at NM SF. lol!:P
  11. no it was a fire engine red classique.. that's what the S.A said I asked twice....they only had 2 city's ... a black and a lt. grey
  12. ^ the fire engine red probably = the rouge vif, i'm guessing.