Bags.... As I Love 'em!

  1. My bad.... I should have opened my own thread for my humble collection. Paging moderators.... please merge my posts here..... thank you so much!
  2. what posts?
    Link please?
  3. my anya hindmarch "i'm not a plastic bag" and my fafi (my only surviving le sport bag)
  4. my workout bags - all nike's
  5. calvin klein satin nylon tote, michael kors island tote, lv monogram perforated speedy, prada doctor's bag and my favorite red tango weekend bag
  6. my old juicy couture bowling bag and messenger bag and hobo crossbody bag
    jcouture.jpg hobo.jpg
  7. Great Collection.
  8. thanks! too bad i already got rid of my old coaches, some pradas and d & b's when we had our hourse renovated last year. i'm so into bags but somehow, i never thought of what i had then as my collection. i'm always ready to part with them when i get tired of them and when they occupy too much space in my room. i didn't even know that this site existed. but now i'm a member and i'll just share my bags.... as i love them!
  9. I like your collection! Very sporty and very unique.
  10. thank you! i have to look for my other bags so i could take pictures of them too. at least- those that are still inside my storage boxes. i must admit i'm so bad at organizing my stuff, i have to pay my sister to do it for me. another bad habit is using whatever is within reach over and over; sometimes forgetting i have other ones that i haven't even touched.:nogood:
  11. my old toki doki; betseyville drawstring tote in paper dolls print that i haven't used and another canvas tote with japanese print (gift from a co-worker)
  12. [​IMG]
  13. i just thought i'd post a better shot of the three bags....

  14. my grocery bags from my favorite store TRADER JOE'S