Bags and the workplace*

  1. Our office dress code is so casual that nobody even cares if you have holes in your clothes as long as you're decent, so I never get dressed up for work or take any of my high-end babies to the office. I love my job but have often wished I worked somewhere where I could wear my nice clothes and carry my latest bag. But recently I've begun to change my mind after reading some of the posts here about horrible things that have happened to people in the workplace! What with people's colleagues and/or bosses making rude comments about tPFers who have pricey bags, or assumptions that they wouldn't be able to afford them, and even worse the boss who tried to sell one tPFer fakes, I think it might be just as well that I don't work in the sort of environment where my bags might fit in, because I don't think I would!! As it is, I work with some lovely people, many of whom know about my bag obsession and just find it hilarious. My boss even refers to tPF and other bag-related sites that I visit at lunch time/after work as my 'bag p*rn'! He thinks I am completely nuts. Actually, he may be right!

    Who else out there doesn't take their babies to work? Why not? And do you wish you could?
  2. I don't know if I can help with this question, but here is my experience: For many years, I have worked in administration in law firms, banks and construction offices where it was always business smart, business casual or casual. Now I work in a small gallery and it is very casual. I didn't even think twice about the handbag I was carrying in any of those scenarios, in the context that it might offend someone or pique interest in someone other than maybe..admiration.., like, where did you get your purse??? But, hypothetically, if someone made a remark that was none of their business, I would be the first to flip a comment right back at them that would stop them from sticking their nose in my business.....but I would do it politely. So, I guess the answer to your question is I am the person who always takes her favorite wonderful bags to work because that is why I bought wear them. ;)
  3. My work is casual dress, most of my bags aren't dressy looking so I carry them.
  4. I'm more worried about my bags getting dirty/scratched at work. I ride the metro and it's dirty and very crowded. People rub up against me, step on my feet, etc. So unless my bag fits nicely inside my durable "work tote" for the ride into work, it gets left at home.
  5. I work in an ultra casual environment as well where we can wear whatever we want, but I usually wear something like jeans & a cute top...
    I actually do carry my nice bags to work, though- I guess I think, where else would I wear them? However I am also the kind of person that thinks a high-end bag and sweats, etc looks fine :smile: I think my bag makes my outfit- hah!
  6. I carry my nicer bags to work. Everyone has asked how I can afford them (jokingly) and they don't understand my love of handbags. I carry my bags even if I am wearing sweat pants to run to the supermarket!
  7. I carry my bags to work. People make both nice and rude comments, but whatever. At the end of the day, I'm the one enjoying the bag, so ha to them
  8. Same here.:yes:
    I carry my bags everywhere with me....except for the gym. That's were I draw the line.
  9. Exactly!
  10. Don't care on my workplace. i use my bags everyday whether it's good for work or not! :biggrin:
  11. I can come to work in my underwear if I wanted to (my eyes my eyes!!!)...we almost all wear jeans and tshirts and flipflops or whatever every day. If we have clients coming in or are going to a big meeting we'll dress up a little. But my coworker and I both will carry whatever bag we feel like, regardless of how slummy we look. She right now I think has her LV bag, and I have my clava bag (not really highend) but I have carried my dooney. I sometimes feel like I should dress nicer to wear my dooney but...meh Im too lazy ;)

    Screw what your coworkers might think.
  12. I'm a vet at an animal shelter so normally go to work in cargo trousers and a fleece so my smart leather bags would just look totally out of place- also there is nowhere but a dirty cupboard for us to put our bags! I take my wipe clean orla kiely bag to work with me!!!
  13. haha, I am the same way! I moved out here recently, and made sure I brought my shoe and bag collections with me!! I definitely am casual for work, but I'm known around the office for my bags and shoes. I try to carry more understated bags, like my new bbag, so that those who don't know how much I'm willing to spend on a bag dont find out!
  14. I carry my bags to work. Most of the people I work with don't know a designer bag from a paper bag. The few who do know what they are admire them, and I admire theirs. I won't carry any bags with prominent logos in front of certain clients, though.
  15. It's not that I worry about what people would say (I don't suppose anybody here would notice TBH) it's just that most of my babies are quite smart and look like they should be paired with something more than old jeans and trainers!!! Also I don't have anywhere safe to put them, so they would be knocking about on my desk just waiting for someone (probably me!) to trip and spill coffee on them!