Bags and the City


Mar 21, 2006
Which bags are popular in the city you live in? Here in Las Vegas, the bags I see the most of are Louis Vuitton (of course, never a shortage of them) Coach, Dooney and Bourke....well this is locally. On "The Strip" I see everything from Vuitton to Chanel to Dior to Balenciaga to Coach to Hermes and everything else but then of course this is Vegas and there are people who come here from all over the world.

Which bags do you all see the most of in the city you live in? Don't forget to mention your city!
I live in a small college town where everyone is either a student or a professor so I see a lot of backpacks! The sorority girls are generally the ones with the designer bags. A lot of Louis Vuitton and Botkier.
nawth21 said:
those horrible sequin bags they sell at mall kiosks.
You see a lot those in my area too. As far as designer bags, you see mostly Dooney and Coach. Those are the only designers you can actually get around here (at Marshall Fields) unless you go online. Occasionally you'll see an LV, but nine times out of ten it's a fake LV. Today, I saw a girl near the university carrying an LV I've never seen. Did LV ever make a Cerises Papillon with red handles and "double" cherries (two cherries sharing a stem)?
lots of LV (prolly both real and fake), lots of real and bad fake prada nylons, D&B, saw at least 4 spy's in times square one night, lots of botkiers, and a spattering of chanels. i love the variety!
In the NY/NJ area there seems to be just about every type of handbag there is....but these days, I'm seeing a lot of balenciagas...or maybe i'm just noticing them more ever since my sister got one.
Im in the DC area, in the burbs I see a LOT of Coach, I also see LV, Gucci, and D&B. Across the street from my office is a very nice mall with Neimans Saks, Chanel, Coach. Down the street are LV Gucci and Hermes stores. If you go shopping you see a lot of everything...but out and about it's mostly Coach, LV, D&B and Gucci.