Bags and SLGs you've bought because of social media!

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  1. Thought this would be an interesting topic to hear about, did a quick search but couldn't find anything on it!
    What have you bought because of things you have seen on facebook/twitter/instagram/pinterest etc.?
    Personally, I bought my pochette metis after seeing it posted all over instagram. Also bought some tiffany jewellery after seeing several of my fave instagrammers own some too! It's a dangerous online world out there for my wallet 😂
    So.... what about you? 😊
  2. I've bought many items because of bloggers I follow on Instagram and YouTube!

    The main culprit for parting with my cash is this site! I buy things online without even going to the shops because I'm seduced by the photo's people post on here. I bought a new YSL bag this week all because I stumbled across it on a thread on here!
  3. Hmmmm, good question. So far I can't think of one. The LV Ramages collection, but I was already interested in purchasing something from that collection. Seeing pre release pics did put it on my radar and I did purchase a bag.

    Currently the whole Backpack movement still surprises me. While everyone else loves it and many have said "after watching others do unboxings" they went and purchased it, I'm still not a fan and no amount of Instagram pics and unboxings will make me get one:lol:
  4. not exactly social media, but my very first LV was the Multicolore Speedy...thanks to binge watching Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds back then lol.
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  5. None. I don't really get inspired by Instagram. That said, I do get inspired by the ads in fashion magazines...vogue, town and country. I think LV and Dior campaigns are always well done. I'm more likely to purchase because of those vs social media.

  6. I don't own any Multicolor items, though I wish I had picked up a SLG (Milla or maybe a cles). I have to say Jessica Simpson's Show also turned me on to the Speedy/LV, which I didn't end up buying until 2010.
  7. Same here.. :cool:
  8. Emilie wallet specifically in hat pink. I just called LV today to order it sigh.
  9. None because of IG or Facebook or Pinterest...but I'd say 99% because of TPF! ;)
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  10. Chloe Drew in the pink [emoji16] I kind of regret it since I never use it, I don't even like Chloe. I swear it's social media that makes me buy things I don't even like [emoji23]
  11. OMG I probably wouldn't have bought any bags if I hadn't seen them online! None of my friends/family are into lux items.

    Pochette Metis: Definitely got on the bandwagon for this bag, which I've recently sold, since, while I loved it as a handbag (and still do), I just didn't love it for me.

    Neverfull GM Mono: #jerushamademedoit on this one... sold it since I have an identical MM, HOWEVER, I'm starting to regret it a titch. It was just so big and perfect for times when you need a gigantic bag!

    Palm Springs mini: Thought this was silly when I first saw it, then saw a couple videos that made it more appealing...add to that the "chase" after a bag that's hard to get... HOWEVER, I love this bag and after a recent purge, it has stayed and I have no intention of selling it (even though this would be the right time if I wanted to!). Currently ones of my top 3 fave bags.
  12. The majority of the time it is because of other's model pics on tPF. Next on my list is a mon monogram NF GM because I saw how beautiful it was with the stripes.

  13. +1!!! I bought the Chloe after seeing it worn on bloggers. The bag is gorgeous but after I tried to use it, I found it to be a bit impractical. Also, for what it is, the price point is way too high.
  14. A majority of my purchases are due to me actively browsing on social media and Tpf. It helps me to make a decision before I hit the stores. For instance, currently I'm looking for a thin compact wallet, so I watch a ton of YT vids and go on IG until I find a winner. A few of my past social-media inspired items I bought and love: zippy compact wallet, key/cles, and SC bag.
  15. Not so much social media, but definitely tPF! After I see something I like, I'll then go look for more pics either on IG, Pinterest, or blogs.
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