Bags and Scarves

  1. If this thread has already been created, I apologize in advance.
    Any suggestions and ideas of how to accessorize our handbags with our scarves?
    Please post pics!!:yes: :heart:
  2. acctually, i'm planning on buying a scarf to go in my Dooney (i'm thinking the coach fragrance print because they're limited ;) wee! who knows what i'll get...) i'm getting it because the purse is a barrel and i currently have a victorias secret scarf in there to keep its shape! it's a cute idea i think, my cute accessories surrounded by a scarf! :smile:
  3. i know i saw a picture once of people using hermes scarves to wrap around the handles of their bags. then they would tie a bow at the end. i thought that was cute i'll post pics if i find it.
  4. I tie my legacy scarf in a bow around the metal ring of the handle of my whiskey shoulder bag. It adds a nice splash of color to it!
  5. I would love to see a pic if possible:smile:
  6. Ooooo. Yes, post a pic if you can:yes: :heart:
  7. I'm at work, but I'll try and remember to do that tonight.
  8. As promised, here's a pic of the bag w/the scarf on it.
    whiskey shoulder bag.JPG
  9. That looks so cute! I love how it brightens up the bag!
  10. I like! Very nice:drool:
  11. My pink Coach ponytail scarf tied to my LV


  12. here's my mia that got all dressed up for valentine's day:

    (i have more pics of scarves on my bags, just gotta find 'em).
  13. I have alot of pretty scarves but, unfortunately, none of them are Coach :cry: (yet, hehe). I want to use them because some of them are really pretty but I dont want to put a generic brand on my Coach bag :rolleyes: I just dont want them to make my bags look cheap. What do you all think?? I trust everyones fashion sense on here.
  14. I think that as long as the scarf isn't cheap looking, it won't make your bag look cheap. I love the look of scarves and charms on bags, so if you have the scarf there's no reason why you shouldn't use it!
  15. I think with scarves, it really doesn't matter if it's Coach or not - as long as it looks cute, that's all that matters!

    Also, thanks stacmck and donnamarie!