Bags and reality..........

  1. So, as I was driving into the city today to exchange one Hermes scarf for another I was thinking about bags and reality.

    I have a few bags. And I love all of them.....they are now streamlined into a cohesive and workeable bunch. However! I tend to use the same couple of bags over and over again. :oh:

    Do any of you ladies do the same thing or am I peculiar? :s
  2. I haven't used anything other than my Picotin since I bought it...:sweatdrop:
  3. I know what you mean H......I've been glued to my Box Birkin since she arrived......
  4. Shopmom, I think you are completely normal. first of all, your new rouge h box birkin is TDF and second, don't we all tend to favor the "new kid" on the block? ;)
  5. Yes but I tend to grab either the Togo or Box Birkin and the Noisette or Vintage Black Box Kelly....the others get used less and some only for certain occasions....
  6. Not in my case. I need to get out more to carry my babies! My rouge garance probably is fine to bring to work but the fuschia, I feel the color kind of too strong and will get too much attention at work. So do you think fuschia color is too much to carry to work? So far I have been carrying my red birkin only twice to work but I am looking forward to use her
    Now I need gold and black color for my everyday bag..that's my reality...:p :push:
  7. :yes: sometimes i think i shouldn't own more than maybe 3 outfits at a time, wear them into the ground and then replace them since my newer items tend to totally capture my heart the most.

    imagine the free space in my closet...
  8. Sweetea......I think you might like to have one neutral bag for balance, KWIM? A gold or black bag is a nice addition to your "family"!!!!
  9. shopmom, sounds like you're considering the value, for lack of a better word, of your other bags? questioning their necessity? or just noticing your personal pattern?
  10. I think it is natural that you want to use your newest acquisition right at the moment. I am the complete opposite (not normal I'm thinking,:smile: in that I like to keep a newbie pristine and unused until the perfect moment comes along. That can be anything...just the way I wake up that morningLOL!

    I will say that I am trying to amp up the bag rotation so I don't keep wearing the same bag for a week at a time.
  11. Yeah. I realize that I use my Birkins far more than my Kellys. It's because the outfits I wear to work are so casual (Spongebob scrubs, anyone else?):p , I don't feel I'm "worthy" to carry my Kellys. Even when I'm not working, I have a very casual style, like jeans and tanks.
  12. LOL, shopmom! I favour my Togo and Box Birkin too! :yahoo:

  13. But Princess! The coolest look in the world IMO is a great white shirt, jeans and a Kelly! You can do it!!!
  14. What I meant was....

    If you own a number of bags, do you notice that you only use the same few most of the time? 'cause that's what I'm noticing with myself....and then I see where the 'holes' are.....
  15. but are there holes then, or extra spackle?