Bags and Coats

  1. Its wintertime where I live right now and I'm finding that while wearing a bulky coat, its hard to find a bag that will stay on my shoulder with the coat on. Any suggestions for this? Should I just wear satchels? Or just start carrying a wristlet?
  2. I know I know, it's a problem!
    Even if I found a bag I liked to wear on my shoulder during the winter months, I hate the way it scrunches up your coat - it just looks untidy IMO. OR, as I experienced today....I took out my IF hobo with the expressed desire to wear with my winter coat cuz the strap is long enough - it fits on my shoulder with room AND it still fell down several times. UGH.
    You can always go crossbody......OR, do the hand-held satchel thing. Honestly, I have become accustomed to hand held bags.
    Good luck.
  3. It is a major problem. Mostly I'm just sick of the bulk with a heavy coat, bag, etc. I prefer to carry a small cross-body whenever possible in the winter. I have to lighten the load!

  4. ditto!
  5. right now, after diggiong out from 50cms of snow (about 2 feet) i m wearing my coach medium carly over my bulky winter coat.
  6. This is exactly why I prefer shoulder bags or hand helds - the ones with 7" straps that barely fit over your shoulder don't do it for me - they are too long for hand helds, but too short for the shoulder...
  7. My Furla has an 11" drop, which is okay, but last year I wore a cross-body all winter and I'm really starting to miss the simplicity. One one hand, by coat acts as padding between the strap and my shoulder so I can carry more ... but there's something to be said for having both hands free to put in your pockets. ;)
  8. A 7" drop fits fine on my shoulder in the Spring/Summer, but I just put them away in the winter and go to my bags with at least a 9" drop to fit over my coat. I don't even wear bulky coats, just normal dress wool, but its enough bulk that some of my favorite bags don't fit. So sad.
  9. How about a fanny pack? Just kidding. The handle drop has a lot to do with it, and I also think a single flat wide strap would stay better than, say, double rolled thin straps? I'd suggest a hobo style.