Bags and Accessories going to outlets?

  1. Do you ladies know which bags and accessories will be going from boutiques to outlets in the next couple of weeks? Going to a boutique tomorrow and it would kill me to buy something and then see it at the outlet for way less a couple weeks later! I'm really considering an ergo signature hobo in khaki and a large Carly in Chocolate and a Hamptons signature Checkbook wallet in khaki/mahogany. But who knows what I will actually come out of there with, so if you ladies know of items that will be hitting outlets soon, please post! Thanks!:heart:
  2. i saw a lot of bleecker stuff and some ergo totes. they also had a ton of lurex wristlets and mini skinny's!! I should have picked myself one in pink...
  3. I don't think you will see Carly at the outlet anytime soon, if ever.
  4. I've already seen the checkbook wallet in the outlets. I bought one in khaki/red, but they had a bunch of others, I believe they were khaki/mahogany. You should call an outlet before you go to the boutique.
  5. I bought the ergo hobo in khaki at the outlets (forgot the price) and saw the hamptons checkbook wallet in khaki/mahogany going for 149.99 + 20% off. But by the time i decided to buy the wallet it sold out and the classic one is left which looks pretty much exactly like the hamptons. I took a look at it but it was more expensive, it was i believe 179.99 + 20% off. The only carly's i've seen are the mediums and they were in black leather, khaki/black, and the holiday patchwork.
  6. dont buy anything that isnt heritage or madeleine or sig stripe basically... whatever u see in the store tomorrow will not go in the outlets
  7. For those of you who have seen the medium carly's in the outlet- how much were they? Im debating if I should just get one or try to wait it out hoping my outlet gets them in.
  8. Thanks so much for all your help ladies! I appreciate it!:smile: