Bags accessories - do they have to be of the same brand?

  1. I've never used charms or scarves on my bags and was thinking of doing so. Now, tell me, should they match in terms of brand. Must I have a Dior scarf or Dior charm for my Dior bag? Or would it be tastless if they don't match? Not a big issue for me here, but just thot I would love to hear your expert opinion on this. TIA!
  2. definitely not! the only charms i have on any of my bags i've bought from random shops and it's just stuff i thought was cute... :biggrin:
  3. it has to match the bag- your mood- the day- no matter which brand it is
    if it's H&M or Chanel- if it's worn with class it's classy
  4. as long as they look good, why not?

    I have this vision of my future mandarin epi (speedy or pnt neuf) dressed up with an Hermes scarf
  5. I mix and match mine. I use Hermes scarves on my LV and Coach and my Hermes Hippo lock on my Speedy 25. The nice thing about most Hermes scarves is they don't have a lot of logo just a pretty design so they go with everything. :flowers:
  6. i don't have many accessories yet.. most of them are H goodies.... i want to get other things for my other bags but I am on a shopping ban right now so I guess that will have to wait... hehe
  7. Not at all!!! I love to play around with accessories from different colors, different brands!
  8. Having every thing the same brand would be no fun at all! I like to mix and match.
  9. Totally mix and match!! As long as they don't compete with each other visually, you're good to go.
  10. Great... thanks for your feedback... now, if I see an accessory I'd like for my bag, there'll be no hesitation in buying it.... thanks gals, you all on TPF are the best!:happydance:
  11. As long as they go together, doesn't matte rwhat brand they are!
  12. happily mixing...
  13. as long as it matches, it doesn't matter if they come from the same brand...
  14. I'd love to see some pictures of how you all accessorize your bags.
  15. I only have charms for my Coach bags so far, but I think mixing and matching would make it more fun.