Bags $1,000 or less?

  1. Hi everyone, I need some help! I am starting to think about buying a bag for the fall but the truth is that at this point I can really only spend up to $1,000 at most. I have a few LV's & Coach bags so I think I would like to try a different brand. Any recommendations? Thank you so much!!
  2. How about Balenciaga? Some of their bags are in the $1k range.
  3. Any specifics in mind? Like bag shape, size, or color? Detailed or plain?

    Most Marc Jacobs are under $1k. I found a Chloe for $820.

    What about a rising designer, like Bulga, Gustto, Kooba, Botkier?
  4. What about Marc Jacobs? You can also find them on sale
  5. My suggestions exactly! Those leathers are so fabulous and look just as special.
  6. there are some gucci's under 1000 that are pretty nice.
  7. I would recommend getting a Mulberry bag on sale. The leather is high quality.
  8. There are many, many, many, many bags out there under $1K.

    What are your tastes? What is your style? What are your likes and dislikes? Narrow it down and maybe we can post some pics of our favorites ...
  9. I'm considering a Balenciaga First in some shade of red for the fall.
    It's just shy of $1K.
  10. That new red looks gorgeous, doesn't it?:heart:

    ITA about a Balenciaga. You can get the First/Classique size for $995 or a Day/Hobo for the same price. You can also buy the Box size for slightly less($985, I think???). It's a bit bigger than the First. There are lot of pretty colors coming out. I think the Rouge Vif/Fire Engine Red and Blue India/Blue Grey look the prettiest, but all the colors are great.
  11. Thanks so much for the ideas! I've actually never bought Gucci, Mulberry or Balenciaga. I have a few LV bags, Coach bags and Isabella Fiore bags but this fall I want to try something different and branch out a bit! I like things that are unique but still classic enough that I can can wear them to work and at meetings, etc. I don't really know if I have a particular type of bag I like, I like all kinds of bags!! Thank you again!
  12. The new red is gorgeous.
    ALL the colors are gorgeous!! :tender:
    I'm hesitant to buy one because I'm pretty certain it will spiral into me needing 8 other colors or something...the collections in the Balenciaga forum are true testaments to that notion LOL.
  13. kooba paige is undeniably cute, also marc jacobs stam/stella, and balenciaga is always a sure choice :P