Bagpunk's Theory On Body And B-bag Shapes

  1. As I wondered into the thread which lamented the lack of affection for the shape of the ever popular City, I had a light bulb moment. Since at least one PF-er thought I was on to something, I thought perhaps it might be useful to share my thoughts and open and new thread on it to see if others have other or similar theories.

    I believe that which shape of b-bag looks best on you depends on your body shape, naturally, or artificially by clothing-style (such as shared in the 'why dont i love the city' thread).

    I noticed that certain bag shapes look good on others but not on me.

    For b-bags in particular, I found out yesterday, that the PT looks best on me. I have an extremely pear shaped body (my top is 1 size smaller than my bottom), long torso (I am taller sitting up compared to people who are taller than me standing up), and I am of slight build. I found that E/W shaped bags balanced my body shape and is the best shape for me.

    How about you?
  2. Hmmm. Interesting theory. I am built sort of like you. I don't like longer shoulder straps because when bags hit below my hips, its not flattering. I do find east/west bags to be more flattering than longer ones.

    The day bag is my favorite bag, though, even though it hits kinda low on me - mostly because it is the most practical.

    I just ordered an aquamarine part time, so I am excited that it is your favorite shape - I am really hoping I love it since I adore the shape of the city and work, but for various reasons, neither work for me.
  3. Yesterday I hated the City. Today I love the one I bought. I think I had more trouble with liking it because it's squarer, and I like rectangles a lot more. The first b bag I ever saw was a First, and that definitely set my expectations for what a b bag should look like. The Twiggy is my favorite style by far. But as I've branched out I've been able to accept other shapes, like Day, Oval Clutch, and now City. And MidA is next...BalNY has a gorgeous 07 Truffle one on display that almost made me cry it was so beautiful.
  4. I do not know... as I am still trying to figure out what shapes look best with my body type and don't have any stores that carry them in person where I live... I am hoping to find a store in FL that has some in stock, so I can try on different shapes and know better what to order from BalNY... so far it has been a guessing game... (I've pretty much stuck with "sure things", 2 Firsts & a City.)

    I too am a pear shape, MUCH bigger on bottom then top, almost a size & 1/2 (crazy, I know...) and fairly short - 5'4". So I am thinking maybe I should consider looking into an E/W bag as well?? I really like the purse & day style, but I am afraid the round bottom will make MY round bottom look THAT much rounder!! :p I don't really need any help in that area!! Lately the part-time has been peaking my interest...

    Thank you for starting this thread!! I will be interested to see what people have to say, and report back if I am able to try some different styles on during vacation in FL!! :smile:
  5. I'm 5'7" and today :p I am 124. I'm small busted(B) and wear size 2 or 4 pants. I have a really small waist so bags like the part time look really weird on me. It looks like I could take a nap on them. The First unless it's an early flat brass with the longer strap looks too small because of my booty.:rolleyes:
    I think the Twiggy is most flattering, followed by the City but some of my friends think the Day looks best. It's between those 3. I wore my friends weekender one day and it wore me. Many people asked if I was going on a trip. :cursing: I'm pretty sure the new style Hobo is going to be good for me because I have other similar bags, not Balenciagas, that are close to that size and shape.
    I noticed the older City bags have a different look. The bottoms are less structured where the newer ones have a more structured bottom. Some of my City bags fall into a small pile of leather when I put them down on a table or chair, and some of the newer ones are stiffer. My '05 turquoise is so buttery soft and slouchy it almost looks like a Twiggy at times.
    I wish the First looked better on me, had a longer strap and was a tiny bit bigger because I love the shape and it looks so good on so many of you.:yes:
  6. I'm 5'8" and pear-shaped. The City looks good on me. The only other style I have to compare it to is the Purse. I bought one, but did not like how it looked on me. It looked giganto on me. So for those of you who are shorter, I'm thinking the purse may really look giganto on you.
  7. I have already discovered that certain BBag shapes do not look good on me, especially coupled with some colours. For instance, the First in dull colours, e.g. greige, look terrible. And also the Purse. I wanted desperately to like the Purse because so many people love it, but it just doesn't work. I thought the Twiggy looks nice, but apparently my husband disagrees. He has a really good eye (for someone who is straight!), and prefers me with a broken-in, slouchy City or Box or even the First to the Twiggy.
  8. Great thread. I have only tried on the city so I don't know what shapes would not look right on me. I am 5'3 and 105 lbs. I really like the city just wish the handles were slightly longer.
  9. I'm going to be trying on many more styles over spring break when I go to LA and San Francisco (including the brief... I'm excited!). So far I have held a city,which I believe is flattering to me, and I own the small whistle (which for all intents and purposes is a 10" x 10" box with handles). The whistle, I think, looks good on me, but it's the absolute smallest handbag I could ever carry.

    I'm 5'9" ish... taller with shoes on, and pretty heavy.. I carry my weight in my midsection, not on my legs/hips.. but I have been losing weight lately, so yay for me. I have long legs. Hope that helps someone.

    I would venture to say that the city, work, weekender... probably good for me. I will know once I try some more on.
  10. I guess I'm another of the pear-shaped ones - smallish shoulders and waist.
    The part time makes my butt look big and my hips look wider, but the twiggy isn't a problem. Go figure. I always prefer a square or a longer (N-S) bag on me to a wider (E-W) bag. I think that the day and city are the most flattering for me.
  11. Great thread, I am still trying to figure this one out... I am 5'8" and always wear heels (at least 3 inches) and not sure what my shape is (narrow shoulders) but my hips aren't bigger than my shoulders although dangerously close :p hehe. Anyways, I can't figure out which shape works. City seems fine but I can't put it on my shoulder comfortably b/c of my longer shoulder drop?? I can't figure it out how you gals wear city on your shoulder. So I am stuck with part time or day options...
  12. forgot to mention: i am about 5'5'' (1.65 meters) and 53 kg (about 111 pounds). i hardly wear heels. i wear pants most of the time. small breasted. short hair, oval face. my style of clothing is more, for those of you in NY, the east village rather than the upper east side, or wall street for that matter. alison anna, i am intrigued that the E/W shape made your hip wider since we are both pear-shaped, i suppose it made sense since the E/W shape is "wide". i had the first time around avoided the E/W shape fearing exactly this.... hmm...
  13. Interesting thread...

    I am 5'7 1/2, 125-130lbs depending on the week, and have a longish torso. Because of this, I find that the First looks strange on me if I use the shoulder strap. It just sits too high on the body (because of the long torso issue) So if I carry a First, it's just as an evening bag, and carry it by the handles.

    The Mini Bowling, I think, looks best on my body type. It's a long bag, so it hits just at the waist when carried over the shoulder. It's my new favorite style.

    Love the City, as well. :yes:

    Indifferent as to how the Purse and Twiggy look on me. I love the style, but don't think they suit me as much as the Mini Bowling and City.
  14. I am 5 ft 4 and weigh 110lbs. I am a size 8 (US 4) all the way up but still have curves and a big ass :push:

    The style that suits me best is the First without any doubt :love: I love that little bag :heart:

    The Twiggy, City and Purse all look ok but I cannot carry off a Day/Hobo, Work or Weekender as the styles drown me too much :crybaby:
  15. another thing that just occur to me as i read siri anne's post: where along the body the bag sits might make a difference too. depending on whether you like to carry your bag on the crook of your arm or on you shoulder, different shapes will fall along the body differently. i can carry a N/S shaped bag if i carry it on the shoulder, as it hit around the waist.