Bagosaurus - tales of a metallic Spy in Europe

  1. Hello all. Just returned from two weeks in Europe, half in Florence, half in London. For my everyday carry around bag I took my Fendi metallic spy. What a perfect travel companion she was! Light as a feather. Roomy when she needs to be. Secret compartment perfect for all them Euro and pound coins.

    The metallic spy was widely adored on my travels, from people on the street to those working in shops. Many Fendi stores in London hadn't received an alotment of metallics so they were particularly enthused to see one IRL.

    Bagosaurus, yes, that's what The Man calls my metallic spy... Bagosaurus. The textured leather and the bumps on the woven handles remind him of a dinosaur. I loved carrying it. It went with everything I wore. I'm so obssessed by this bag that I even had a nightmare that it was vandalized. I was sad to see so much grafitti in Florence, so one night I dreamt that my Bagosaurus was also grafittied. The Horror!

    All in all, I saw many more fancy bags carried around in London than I did in Florence. Lots and lots of MJ Stams and Hermes and Gucci and Chloe on the streets of London. Londoners have some serious cash! But I don't recall seeing any real Spys except in the shops. Lots of fake ones though, also being sold on the street for next to nothing. :throwup:
  2. I like that. Bagosaurus!! Sounds like you had a great time. What a wonderful vacation.
  3. Bagosaurus ....:roflmfao: :roflmfao: that's hysterical! Grrrrrrrreat name! The metalic Spy is a real beauty! I'm not surprised to hear it was such a hit!
  4. OMG..too funny.......Great name for it..LOL.....
  5. Love the name! I have a silver metallic spy and I love it too!!
  6. IT is a beautiful bag!!! I love mine! :yes:
  7. Thats a cute name for a bag. ^^
  8. Decophile did you see all the fake spys on stalls around the shops in London? I cannot believe they just get away with selling them. Bagosaurus is such a good name for a bag and goes well with the spy.
  9. I did! So many fake, plastic looking Spys. It was unabashed and in full view. There doesn't seem to be any interest to stop them.