Bagnshoo "Simpsonified"!

  1. My husband went to the Simpsons website and made a Springfield character out of me:


    Here is the link.... I'm gonna go make one of him now! (just another Tuesday night at the Shoo household...)
  2. Here is my husband:
  3. OMG - that is too funny!! Thanks for posting. I'm sending my kids to the website to have some Simpson fun!
  4. lol cool!

    i got simpsonized too at
  5. Oh I did it too! :nuts:
  6. I was afraid to do this because I thought I'd come out looking like Dr. Hibbert, but here is Caxe Simpsonized:
  7. Sick4Marc Simpson:
    S4M Simpson.JPG
  8. Ugh.. the website is busy since the "whole world is going Simpson".

  9. Haha, how fun! Thanks for posting.
  10. If you go to , you can also create one.
  11. OK, I've created it, but can't figure out how to save the full pic to my PC.
  12. Heh.