Bagnshoo Bagged 5 Pair o' Shoo Today....

  1. Nine West had some of the coolest styles today. I brought these home:
    (it is hard taking pics of your own shoes btw!)

    brown patent leopard.jpg

    ivory clear heel.jpg
    loved these so much got them in silver too...
    silver clear heel.jpg

    black patent sling back.jpg

    pink patent heels.jpg

    Prices very reasonable! Highly recommend!
  2. Hubba Shoes!!!!
  3. omg those are hot ive been checking all those shoes out at the mall
  4. Those are hot, you sure got the motherlode..
  5. Ooooh, good haul! Love pink patent heels, gorgeous. Nine West is one of the best stores ever!
  6. Great finds! I LOVE the leopard..
  7. You definitely get a few points for those "shoos"! I love the black slingbacks!
  8. daymn!!! those are some nice shoes! you have great taste. I love how feminine/sexy patent heels are.... and NINE WEST? you are kidding? I haven't been shoe shopping in such a long time. Those are so sexy. And did you mention sale? I am thinking about some CL's but i don't know if i'd want to pay $500+ when yours are just as great. and even come in better colors! congrats!!!!
  9. I saw a lot of shoes like these and I could not see paying $400 +! When I found these I figured, 5 pairs for the price of one?
  10. Very nice :biggrin:
  11. I like the black patent.
  12. I love the clear heels!!! wow they are hot. I love your avitar bagnshoo. so cute. LOL is it a real bear? haha I love polar bears
  13. Great buys!
  14. Very nice haul-congrats