Bagmate saves the day!

  1. And I'm pretty happy about THAT, I can tell you! Was wondering if I'd ever be able to use my HAC enough because though it's nice and roomy inside, all my stuff went jumbled all over itself and I couldn't find a thing! I'm not very organized that's true but this was beyond what even I could live with.....and then? BAGMATE ARRIVED!!! :yahoo: And life now takes on new organizational meaning...........

    First pic is usual stuff I throw in my bags,
    Second pic is life as we knew it inside my HAC,
    Third pic is life as it is NOW!

    .....and with the Bagmate I still have plenty of room inside the bag for other things like folding umbrella, book/magazine, paperwork and even my laptop!

    I'm so organized I don't even recognize myself......:wlae:
    _MG_2797bagmate1.jpg _MG_2799bagmate2.jpg _MG_2802bagmate3.jpg
  2. Very nicely organized! I love all your accessories too! :flowers:
    These organizers make such a Speedy/Saleya are so much more organized with the purseket. :yes:
  3. Yeah! Way to way, D!

    I have been procrastinating in getting a bag organiser, and I think I should do so soon. As it is, it's such a pain to transfer my belongings from bag to bag, and spending all that time putting back one bag into its keeper + box, and taking another one out.
  4. wow...looks great. I have to get one when my baby arrives
  5. ^so true Mrs. S. I tend to get lazy and not change bags as often as I should. When I was younger and had more energy, I would change bags twice a day!!!
  6. Hooray D! Isn't it great? I just picked up the smaller one for my Trim and other smaller bags yesterday. Love the Bagmate! Looks great in your HAC!
  7. I love these purseorganizers too! I think they're great!!! Yours looks fantastic.

    BTW - is your keychain Hermes?
  8. Thank you, guys! I shouldn't be all gung-ho on the Bagmate only when I know there are other organizers out there....I probably would have gone with the Purseket which was the first one I looked at but they were out of stock on the Leopard print I wanted so I just went with the Bagmate.

    I think any organizer you choose will work wonders though. Especially if you're like I am and enjoy changing bags almost daily! These things make life so much easier in the mornings!
  9. No :sad: it's Lowe but I think I might have to replace it with that fabby H keychain with all the fringe! I can't remember the name of that one....but it's dang CUTE!!!!!
  10. I do hope this changes your mind about the HAC, D, because it looks great! The bagmate might be small but it's definitely life-altering! (and I have no connection whatsoever to Bagmate other than that the one I have is possibly the most useful thing I own) :smile:
  11. Where the heck does one find these Bagmates ?? I don't remember seeing any here in Italy....:s
  12. Gina......actually, the pics you posted of yours just completely swayed me in getting one. And I am so thrilled with it, I can't tell you! The truth is, with this organizer all I have to do is lift it out of the bag and plop it in another so it's really, really a snap to use. And then I tuck other stuff around it inside my bag! YES, it has completely changed my mind about my HAC and I am in love with her all over again!!!!!
  13. The Carmen, D.! I really want one aswell, my only doubt is that it's not flat, so it might take up extra room, say in a small bag....:shrugs:
  14. Bagmate and it'll pop right up! Mine is the medium size and I think it was something like $24.99 or $29.99.....around there.

    Here's the site:
  15. An organized bag is so great isn't it. I have both the purseket & the chameleon - love 'em both. I don't change bags too often (more often changing twilly/scarf & key chain/lock) but love being able to blindly find my phone when it's ringing while I am driving or just look into a tidy bag.

    Definately gina_b it's life-altering.