BagLuver's Babies... finally, my collection!

  1. Considering that I've been a member of tPF for over a year, I guess it's about time I posted my collection! I finally got a chance to pull them out of the closet and photograph them all. Hope you enjoy!

    The first is a "family photo" of all my bags together

    The second is my LV collection:
    Mono Speedy 30
    Damier Saleya MM
    Epi Speedy 25 in New Red
    Mono Cles
    Damier Mini Pochette

    The third is my lone Chanel, but I hope to add more!

    The fourth is my MJ collection:
    Venetia in Sap Green
    Blake in Rose Quartz

    The fifth contains my Fendi, Gucci, and Kooba:
    Fendi Shopper Tote in Black/Beige Zucchino
    Gucci Eclipse Medium Shopper Tote in Black
    Gucci Baby Bardot in Brown/Beige
    Kooba Chiara in Cognac
    Family shot.jpg LV Bags.jpg Chanel tote.jpg MJ bags.jpg Fendi_Kooba_Gucci.jpg
  2. The 6th pic is of my two Prada bags - pochette and quilted chain bag

    7th pic:
    Michael by Michael Kors cream quilted satchel
    Cole Haan Jasmine Shopper Tote in blonde
    Coach gold demi pouch
    Coach black Soho Hobo

    8th pic:
    Ralph Lauren ivory faux croc satchel
    Kenneth Cole New York black leather tote
    Besso white woven leather tote

    9th pic:
    BCBG burgundy faux croc clutch
    BCBG red/black snakeskin bag
    Suzy Smith black leather bag
    Kate Spade Shea Lexington in snow/sunflower
    Ann Taylor black clutch
    Lapis bronze beaded bag
    Vintage clutch in ivory/gold

    Thanks for looking!
    Prada.jpg Kors_ColeHaan_Coach.jpg RL_KCNY_Besso.jpg BCBG_KateSpade_others.jpg
  3. I love your entire collection! So many different designers, very well rounded. I especially love that sap green venetia and the red epi speedy! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. Love your collection! Thanks for posting your pictures.
  5. ^^Thanks so much, gracefeng and jenn4lv! :smile:
  6. great collection!
  7. I LOVE your red Epi Speedy!
  8. Lovely - lovely.
    I am falling more and more in love with the Saleya - it looks like a perfect everyday bag.
    And your MJ's - TDF!!!
  9. Love your variety! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks Lisasbags, krmkjk, lilled, and cheetos! Thanks so much for your nice comments and for sharing in my collection!
  11. Wow! what versatile collection. :yes:
  12. lilled, the Saleya is a perfect everyday bag! It's one of my most recent purchases, and I can't stop carrying it! You should get one!

    My Venetia and red Speedy are two other favorites. :yes:
  13. ^^Thanks mellyjr! I'm a bag ho - I can't stay loyal to one designer! :lol:
  14. Beautiful collection, you have great taste!
  15. Lovely!! thanks for sharing :biggrin: