1. i am still getting this place figured out, so humor me. :shame:

    to start with, here is my white Twiggy. i can't seem to photograph it very well. i got it in early 2005, i think..???? i don't use it very often.

    next is a Marc Jacobs. don't recall the name, but the color was called "Lobster." i used to use this one quite a bit. i got it a year and half or two years ago....i dont remember. i haven't used it in ages.

    right now i am using a momogram Speedy 30 (that i love) - i got that in May 2005. i dont have any pics on this PC, but here is a link to my StyleDiary...back when it was shiny and new!! :love:


    i havent bought many bags this year. for some reason i have been a total shoe-whore this year, and that's all i've been getting. :wtf:
    twiggy.jpg mj.jpg
  2. Cute collection, i :heart: the MJ - thanks for sharing!:yes:
    And LOL @ shoe-whore!:roflmfao:
  3. Hot bags :biggrin:!
  4. nice!! thanks for sharing!!
  5. Love the speedy and the color of the MJ!
  6. Cute MJ
  7. Great Collection.
  8. I'm on a red hunt right now, so love looking at other people's red bags, lovely MJ!
  9. Love the Speedy!
  10. Very nice!
  11. love your speedy.
  12. I love the speedy and the twiggy! Great collection, thanks for sharing!
  13. the MJ = love!
  14. love the twiggy. i'm a sucka for a white purse
  15. Nice collection! Love the white Twiggy!