Baggy PM or Onatah GM?

  1. Im torn between the two. My birthday is almost coming and I still dont know what to get.. So, if could pls help me decide and state your reasons why.. Thank you! I like them both though! Which is much worth it? :tup:
  2. Onatah GM because it's really soft leather, made with aeronautic technology for the perforations, and has perfect symmetry.
  3. Depends on your tastes...are you more of a denim vs. a leather person?
  4. I prefer the Baggy, but as far as the one that is most worth the price, the Onatah is the best.
  5. I prefer the baggy pm because of the material. It all comes down to what you prefer.
  6. ITA!! One more thing, it's leather! while the Baggy is jeans ...fade with time...:sweatdrop:
  7. Thanks! ;);)
  8. Definitely the Onatah, the leather is gorgeous and it's such a chic bag.
  9. Baggy PM :tup:
  10. I prefer Onatah GM, it won't look too bulky but actually is so roomy, I ever had Baggy GM, it's a little tight on opening and a little difficult to take my stuffs inside
  11. onatah! love the leather!
  12. Onatah gets my vote
  13. V different styles. Baggy is more casual, Onatah classic.
    V much down to personal taste, my choice would be the baggy.