baggy pm in the fall?

  1. Silly question - I love my blue baggy pm - used it most of the summer so to me it's sort of a summery bag. Can I get away with this bag during the fall and winter months?
  2. Sure you can! It looks pretty year-round to me.
  3. Yes!! Denim can be worn year round.....I used to wonder this, too, until someone pointed out that we wear jeans year round.
  4. Definitely wear it in the fall!!!!

    OT: Is that your DH in the pic? He's hot! :graucho:
  5. I always rotate my bags all year round and I have no summer/winter/fall/spring bags. I use every of my bags all year round.

    I also got a denim baggy PM and I think you can use it all year round too.
  6. Absolutely. I am considering a denim mini pleaty for Christmas.
  7. definitely!
  8. absolutely!
  9. Certainly it is a fall winter bag! No reason to ever put that beauty in a dust bag!
  10. I would,'s one of those bags that you can wear with almost anything...
  11. I would,'s one of those bags that you can wear with almost everything
  12. Use it to your heart's content this fall, winter, spring, and summer. LOL I think you can't pidgeon-hole this gorgeous bag to just one season --- it really is a year-round bag to me. I saw a young lady wearing her Baggy GM at Nordstroms at South Coast Plaza a few days ago and I had to take a second look --- it was sooooo pretty!
  13. Yes, I think the denim bags can be worn year round.
  14. Yes definetly wear it all year round!:yes:
  15. most definitely!!! :smile: