Baggy GM or PM?????

  1. I love both of these bags but I really don't know which one I should go with. Can you guys from the forum help me PLEASSSE?
    p10960531_ph_althero_Green.jpg p10960515_ph_althero_Green.jpg
  2. I like the style of the PM. The GM seems too long for me. I love the color!
  3. i HAVE THE gm-i love it soooooo much! i HAVE A POST WITH PICS OF IT IF THAT HELPS..i AM 5'61/2......I now may get the pink one!!
  4. I love the PM! However if you are tall, then the GM might look more proportioned for you. Hope this helps!!
  5. I am 5'6, 120 lb;Jill, Can you post some pictures?
  6. Getting links for you now!
  7. I agree, PM for me ! I'd pick the classic blue though. :love:
  8. Jill it is GORGEOUS! I love it, I am ordering this bag right now, but I have one question ...what's the thing with the additional strap?
  9. I like the GM better because under comparison, the zipper and the trim around the zipper don't look as big.
  10. AHHH, Thanks Jason!
  11. I prefer the smaller one. . . is that the PM?
  12. Yes, the smaller one is the PM.
  13. I do have some concerns about the two gold hardware in front.

    The pockets in front are so flat... what fits in them? Even a small pack of tissue will make them bulge outward, making the whole thing look awkward.

    Secondly, it's almost summer time. Demin is summer fabric. But the salty sweat will make hardware rust easily. Why golden hardware now?

    But I like the color green. Looks good with demin jacket. (well, I have seen girls who carry this bag with demin jacket, white pants and slippers.)
  14. Wow Jason! That's alot of really good questions. I guess it all depends on where you live and the humidity during the summer in those areas.