Baggy GM Fuchsia...Matching???

  1. I want a cute summer bag...I was thinking maybe the Baggy GM in Fuchsia. I like that it's a bigger bag, love the fuchsia color, that it's summery, and a shoulder bag...

    The only thing I wonder or am concerned with is: What about wearing it with different things? As far as color...Do you think to use/wear it you have to wear all pinks, purples, neutrals, or do you think it can also work with oranges, greens, reds...colors that aren't so close to fuchsia...

    I'm afraid if I love it...I'm gonna want to use it everyday...and I'm concerned I'd have to wear things that are all pinkish, purples, etc.

    Does it matter what colors you wear with it??? Btw, I don't really care for the blue, and the green I feels is's ok. But I prefer and love it in fuchsia.

  2. Check out STAR3777's showcase thread. She wears dif. thing with it and you can see that it goes with EVERYTHING!!!
  3. Personally, I would wear it with white, black, brown, pink, purple, blue, yellow, green (not bright green), I just wouldn't wear it with red or orange. That's only two colors really. It's an awesome bag, I like the PM and the mini pleaty!!! Good luck!!
  4. I would wear it with black or white clothes, and maybe a scarf in the same cool fuchsia shade.

    I myself, would not feel chic and comfortable wearing a fuchsia denim bag with blue denim jeans, but white jeans would make a perfect match and make the colour of the bag 'pop'.
  5. I have this bag too. Although I have not worn it yet i think it will go with everything that looks good with pink.
    Just not reds.

    Everything else would be fine.

    And I disagree with what the other member said about not wearing it with jeans. I epecially love the denim line b-cuz they go so well with jeans. I own three denim bags.