Baggy Denim pm

  1. I am planning to buy a denim baggy pm asap...whats colour should I get?
  2. OOOOH This is the next bag I want!!! I love the denim but I have to admit I double love the pink!! I think I'm going to go with the pink! Or maybe the blue, or pink, or blue...........:smile:
  3. It's such a hard decision. I have the small pleaty in green and I love it. I want to get another purse from the denim line but can't decide on the style or color.
    Good luck.
  4. i say get the pink :love::love:.....i think the blue is part of the permanent collection whereas the pink and green are limited? (i'm not positive on this.....).......if that's the case then you can get either pink or green now and the blue sometime in the future :lol:.........i loooooove pink tho so obviously i'm biased :shame:
  5. i think you are right....i asked in LV today and they said the pink and green would be around for this season only...
  6. OH no, I did NOT need to hear that........

  7. get the fushia! i think the blue would be too much when wearing w/ jeans.
  8. Thats a very good point - you'd never be able to carry a blue denim whilst wearing denim.... denim and denim is the ultimate fashion faux pas!
  9. Pink :smile:
  10. :nuts: This is the next bag on my wishlist too (and hopefully will be purchased this weekend). I am pretty sure I am going with the pink. I wasn't too sure about which color at first - but, after seeing so many cute photos around this site...I think the pink has won it for me.

    Good luck deciding.
  11. I already have the neo Speedy in blue denim, but if I were to get another denim bag it would be a pink Baggy PM.:love:
  12. LOVE the pink:love:
  13. Blue.., I got the blue as it would go with more.
    I love both though.
  14. Green green green!!
  15. I am totally obsessing over this bag right now myself! I love it in the blue, and I think it looks good matching it with jeans....JMO!