Bagged! Purse Counterfeit Ring busted!

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    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Three Chinese nationals accused of importing thousands of counterfeit luxury handbags in the United States have been arrested in the past two days, federal authorities announced Thursday.
    [​IMG]Shoppers sort through counterfeit brand name luxury bags and wallets on a Hong Kong street.


    "This was a sophisticated criminal conspiracy that trafficked millions of dollars of counterfeit goods from China, profiting off the backs of legitimate companies and their hard-working employees," said Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher.
    Authorities call it one of the largest counterfeit operations ever discovered, involving about 300,000 bags and wallets with names like Burberry, Gucci and Coach.
    For customers who bought the knockoffs, it seemed like a deal.
    They paid a total of about $16 million for what would have been more than $100 million in handbags, purses and wallets in legitimate retail sales.
    The alleged leaders of the counterfeit operations are three Chinese citizens living in New York.
    Chong Lam, 49, and Joyce Chan, 39, were arrested there Wednesday. Eric Yuen, 39, was arrested Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who made the arrests began investigating the alleged scheme five years ago, after raids turned up counterfeit goods.
    The indictment was secretly returned in Richmond, Virginia, in October. The charges were unsealed when the alleged conspirators were taken into custody. Authorities seized and froze 29 bank accounts and three New York properties.
    The Chinese defendants will be taken to Richmond, where they will be arraigned at a later date, officials said.
  2. Serves him right for selling counterfeits! That LV wallet looks VERY fake..
  3. Oh, wow. I'm pleased to see someone finally being held responsible for some of the many fakes being sold. I can imagine they all had eBay accounts. I hope the people they scammed get their money back as well!

    Priiin, you are so right... even I can tell it's fake!
  4. GOOD! I wonder how many more counterfeiters there are out there.....1 is even too many!
  5. Go karma! They had it coming :yes:
  6. What a waste of cheap vinyl and plastic.
  7. I wish I could say this is a wake up call to others, but clearly it isn't . At least they busted this group.
  8. Awesome! It nice to see law enforcement is now taking this seriously. Counterfeiters are scum!
  9. There is probably a multitude of these operations going. I wonder how large this counterfeit ring is compared to others that are out there? I hope they get slammed with every possible penalty.
  10. Let's hope this is a start. One day at a time.
  11. Nice to see this making news! it's about time!
  12. Great to see these people are finally getting caught!
  13. the Louis and Burberrys are ver off. If someone can't tell those arent the real deal, then they probably aren't into brand names like that.

    Macy's sells leather wallets for low prices and they last for a long time.
  14. Yes!!! What great news!!
  15. exactly!