's the blue birkin you want.

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  1. This thread smells like fish...
  2. It's just not fair to other members to steal someone's photos and pass them off as your own. This forum isn't a contest, it's not about who has the nicest or most expensive bags. It's a group of people who come here to share their love of bags, whether they be $50 or $50,000.

    If you wanted to show Baggaholic an example of a blue jean birkin, you could have linked the auction. But, instead you chose to pass this seller's photo off as your own. Not cool.
  3. OMG! Here we go again with another one of those "FAKE" people!!!
    I can't help but:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and feel sorry the person who needs to do such a thing to get excepted and respected in this forum.

    Thanks to Vixy for good eyes!!

    IFFAH, we are not accusing you or anything but I think of you can prove yourself that you are the right person who has the birkin and the pics. Post yourself with the bags you owns (you don't need to show your face).
  4. I smell it too Vlad! It's really stinky!!!
  5. I've got nothing else to say. That's all. Thank you for all of your wonderful opinions. Thank you for humiliating me.
  6. Can you blame us for questioning you? :blink: We did not humilite you, you did that all on your own..
    Or, against all odds, if you are telling the truth, PROVE it :idea:
  7. Swedie is right. We didn't humiliate you. You chose to pass off someone else's photo as your own and you were caught. If you feel shamed, then be grateful you have a conscience and listen to it in the future.
  8. I am sorry you feel humilated but I am not sorry I outted you.
    I gave you every chance to fess up but when you flip it around and said the seller stole your picture and accuse her of selling a fake, thats where I drew the line.
  9. Vlad, how can I edit my photos to add a watermark or my name so people won't steal the photos for fraud (other than deleting them)?
  10. You can send them to me, and I will watermark them for you.

    IFFAH, please post proof of the bag really belonging to you, or else I will be forced to follow drastic measures.
  11. I meant I know how to watermark them myself, but I can't seem to edit photos in previous postings.
  12. We can remove them for you, you can just respond to the thread and attach new, watermarked photos if you like.
  13. WOW! What have I missed??
    I saw that auction a week or two ago on ebay...

    Not pointing fingers at anyone, just want to get to the bottom of this!
  14.'re busted.

    I knew since IFFAH's first post that he/she was totally fake. In fact, I really don't believe anything's true unless I see a photo of person and bag...together. And then some.

    Call me a skeptic, but everybody's a liar until proven otherwise. ;)
  15. OH GOD! Your a tease! I'm going to copy it to my desktop! This is my new background!! :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.