's the blue birkin you want.

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  1. No problem :smile:
    For all we know maybe Iffah does have a birkin but didn't have pictures of it and decided to borrow it.
    Bu there is no reason to play victim and in process drag the seller's reputation thru the mud.
  2. God forbid me from doing that. I took the pic of the birkin years ago. I remember I bought in 1998 and receive it sometime around mid-december 2000. Did that seller have the same chair like mine?? I took that pic at my garden near the swimming pool. I totally don't know...who to believe or what??
    I'm confused!!!
  3. I don't want to waste my breath again. I know for sure I took that pic at my garden near the swimming pool and it was years back. Didn't I tell you my digital camera was spoiled by my niece???

    I only have 2 in blue jean & the other, bicolor one which my boyfriend bought for me. And I'm still waiting for my fuschia croc still deliberating between size 30cm or a JPG one.
  4. Iffah, to end the "confusion" why not take a pic of yourself with your Birkin now (you can take it from the neck down) so that we know it's really yours. You can also put today's newspaper in the pic so we know it was taken today.
  5. Yes, please do that. The only way for you to prove to everyone here that you didn't steal someone's pictures ILLEGALLY is to take a photo yourself.

    or . . . there's always coming clean.
  6. I'd be happy with a picture of the bag with a card next to it that said "Hi Purse Forum!"

    Btw, mods, is lying to the forum a bannable offense?
  7. i'd ban her for it, but only megs and vlad have that power. there's no question in my mind that she's lying, and lying poorly, since the ALVA member has that exact pic plus a bunch, and she only has that one pic and a 'spoiled digital camera.' pathetic.
  8. Lying isn't but stealing is. No one here can trust someone that steals photos and passes them off as their own.
    Let's give her an opportunity to make things right here.
    Quickly please!
  9. I am sorry for starting the drama, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

    If needed I will get the real owner of those pictures on here, I am also a ALVA member.
  10. No need to apologize, we applaud you, thank you!
  11. Didn't I tell you all ladies that my digital camera is spoiled?? From now onwards.......I'm not going to post anymore pics of my birkins including my fuschia croc ANYMORE!!!

    I'm fed up and totally angry right now!!!!
  12. Convenient.

    If you were really the owner of the bag you wouldn't be as angry as you would be hurt or determined to prove you were the rightful owner ;)
  13. No need to get angry, Iffah, just be honest.
  14. that's all I'm saying. Either 'fess up be gone. Forever.
  15. Could it be that IFFAH doesn't know the difference between angry and shamed? Ouch.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.