's the blue birkin you want.

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  1. IFFAH, I don't have a Blue jeans Birkin :shame: I'm drooling all over yours!!! :lol:

    Mine are Black & Gold. My only blue jeans bag is an Evelyne. I managed to set up a photobucket account & loaded some pics. Here they are! :smile:

    35cm Black & 30cm Gold Birkins

    Blue Jeans Evelyne
  2. Gigi Leung, your Hermes collection is beautiful!
  3. Gigi:

    They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  4. That bag sold for $2000 plus only?? Gosh...I didn't know it was so cheap. I pay over $7k for that birkin. It was my very first most expensive purchase!!!! This totally cannot be true at all!!!!!
  5. Did you post your birkin pictures in other places? It seems like the seller has quite a few pictures of the bag. Are they your pictures too?
  6. me!!!
  7. The auction did not end yet, it is currently at $2225.
    I am sure it will go for much more towards the end.
  8. No.....only one. And I took the pic of that birkin in Singapore at my garden. I overexaggerated???

    To all ladies here.....pls don't buy that birkin.
  9. Ok, I don't know how to break this down.
    I know the seller of that birkin on the ebay auction and I know for sure those are HER pictures. I was going to let is slide, but when you say not to buy that birkin thats where I have to draw the line. That is just wrong.
  10. Whoa. Dramarama ahead.
  11. I smell something fishy.. If you only took one picture of that birkin, how come there are two more pics in the exact same chair..

    The seller is ALVA, and has sold several authentic items before..

    Are you trying to trick us IFFAH? ;)
  12. Thanks for looking out for us Vixy :love:
  13. No..girls. Why would I want to auction off my birkin?? I don't know.....I'm confused.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.