's the blue birkin you want.

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  1. is Iffa still a part of this forum? I felt kind of dumb to find that I had been taken. I'm still in the search for my Blue Jean Birkin!!!!!!!:love:
  2. Hey Baggaholic, thanks for putting me on your fav list.. I don't sell much.. Only from my personal collection that I have to *ahem* recycle here and there, LOL.. If I could, I would love to keep all of my bags, but sadly, I want more and more new bags (don't we all :love:), so some of the old ones gotta go sometimes..

    This addiction is a one way ticket.. ;)
  3. btw, I intended to let my auction for the bj birkin run till the end, but I was consigning it in a private boutique at the same time and it sold faster there.. so I gotta end it early.. it's a shame, as I was curious to see how much it could fetch on eBay..
  4. #139 Mar 29, 2006
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    I was waiting til the end to bid, but you tool it off to soon! I would have paid the 5k you wanted, I had emailed you a couple if daysbefore you closed it. I had asked you for the buy-it-now,.. x that's my ebay id
  5. Dang! I didnt know it was you.. :love:

    Well, I am currently travelling in the USA and will be back to Indonesia on the 5th. I haven't seen any money from the private sale, but I was informed by the boutique via the phone that it was sold. If, after I got back to Indo I found out that the sale did not go thru, I will surely email you via eBay.. or thru here..
  6. okay!
  7. OhhhhhBaggaholic I hope you can get this bag...I think it's purdy. It's actually the color that changed my mind about Birkins.
  8. lovely....your blue jean birkin is absolutely lovely;)
  9. Baggaholic...I read another post from you elsewhere...does it look like Hermes can help you find your blue jean Birkin? What are they telling you? I am too excited for you...I can't wait to see your post saying you got it. Fill me in.
  10. #145 Mar 31, 2006
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    Yayyy another Indonesian in the forum! Welcome! :love:
  11. Baggaholic, are you still around? I PM you.
  12. wow that's a beautiful blue jean birkin! congrats!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.