Bagg - pics of your cuffs??

  1. Hey Darlin'........can I ask a favour?? Do you have pics up anywhere, or can you post some, of your ano cuffs?

    I've got one on hold at my store in red (I thought I wanted an all-horn one), and I'd love to see your red one and your green one, if you have pics!:heart: :flowers:
  2. Sure, in the morning because it's 12:45am here and if I move from bed my husband is going to think I'm sneaking away to my boyfreinds house!!! :roflmfao:
  3. hee, hee........fantastic - you're a gem!!!
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Dang, girl!!!! You're nuts!!!!

    This girl had me laughing for 5 hours last Friday!!!!
  5. All joking aside, I think Bagg's relationship with her hubby is adorable! You guys are lucky to have each other!
  6. You gotta love when you mix and Italian with some serious Spanish flavor!!! You get an explosive mix!!! That I know oh so well!!!
  7. Sorry I took so long! Here they are!
  8. Both are pretty - but red/black combo is for me.

    Probably looks stunning with your rouge garance bag, Bagg!
  9. How does the green cuff go with the Bolide?
  10. Pefect! It's the same green. Chartrues
  11. Bagg: I was looking at your nice skin than the bracelets :upsidedown:.
  12. lol,.. wow, thanks!! Skin is one and you have to live with it!!! Feed it with moisterizer every hour or so!!! And lots and lots of water! Oh and I wax my arms too,.. hehe!
  13. I love the cuffs.So chic and different.
  14. hee, I was doing the same!
    Anyways, I love the "natural" horn color ALOT
  15. those cuffs look absolutely fabulous on you! :love: are they comfortable?
    I have not tried them on yet.