Bagcrazy's collection- have fun!


Feb 13, 2006
I'm relatively new to this forum and it is absolutely fantastic!
I hope you have fun watching my pics!

Picture 1: Prada and the Joop Bambi Bag (this bag was specially designed for the Bambi film festival in Germany)

Picture 2: left to right- Luella Giselle, Chloé Paddington, Dolce Gabbana Clutch, Celine Boogie, Luella Daria, Chloé Silverado, Valentino Mink Bag (:love: love this one)

Picture 3: my twinkling evening bags-Escada, the black one is from Celine and the pink and silver silk clutches are from Lambertson Truex

Picture 4: Dior Saddle bags, Lady Dior, the silver one was limited

Picture 5: LV Mizi with Mini Pochette Accessoires , Denim Pleaty, Theda, Pochette Cerise, Speedy 30


I also have a Hermes Birkin, a LV Marie and a Chloé Bracelet Bag. Unluckily these three had accidents (the Birkin was sprinkled with concrete when I walked by a building site-YIKES:nuts: !) and are being repaired at the moment. I'll show you pictures when they are back!
Wow.. stunning !! I really like your collection of evening bags, especially the lamberson truex ones. And that's just tragic about the birkin, I would probably cry and cry if anything like that happened to me !