Bagcrazy's collection- have fun!

  1. I'm relatively new to this forum and it is absolutely fantastic!
    I hope you have fun watching my pics!

    Picture 1: Prada and the Joop Bambi Bag (this bag was specially designed for the Bambi film festival in Germany)

    Picture 2: left to right- Luella Giselle, Chloé Paddington, Dolce Gabbana Clutch, Celine Boogie, Luella Daria, Chloé Silverado, Valentino Mink Bag (:love: love this one)

    Picture 3: my twinkling evening bags-Escada, the black one is from Celine and the pink and silver silk clutches are from Lambertson Truex

    Picture 4: Dior Saddle bags, Lady Dior, the silver one was limited

    Picture 5: LV Mizi with Mini Pochette Accessoires , Denim Pleaty, Theda, Pochette Cerise, Speedy 30


    I also have a Hermes Birkin, a LV Marie and a Chloé Bracelet Bag. Unluckily these three had accidents (the Birkin was sprinkled with concrete when I walked by a building site-YIKES:nuts: !) and are being repaired at the moment. I'll show you pictures when they are back!
  2. Lovely! You have quite a collection :nuts:
  3. Oh too bad about the Birkin. If it were me, I would probably have bawled my eyes out... But beautiful collection!
  4. That is sick!! Can you adopt me?

    I dont eat much..........

    SOOOO NICE!!!!

  5. You have a fabulous collection!!!! I love your style!!!!
  6. I love the collection of your beige/white colored bags! Beautiful!
  7. what a lovely collection! you've got a great selection of bags!!!!

    thanks heaps for sharing! :smile:
  8. Wow.. stunning !! I really like your collection of evening bags, especially the lamberson truex ones. And that's just tragic about the birkin, I would probably cry and cry if anything like that happened to me !
  9. Gorgeous collection! Love 'em all...except the mink. ;)
  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection and I love your style.
  11. Great job ! The bags are beautiful,
  12. love your bags...sorry to hear about ur hermes
  13. Nice. I love your collection!
  14. I love the Joop Bambi bag! So unique!
  15. :love: :love: :love: your Escada's. Beautiful!!!!!!!

    Birken???????? (drool drool drool)
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