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  1. Has anyone noticed that had all the same pictures of their Chloe bags as Diabro? And were also sold out of all the same bags at the same time as Diabro? Now is called Good Luxe??? and doesn't have any Chloe bags. Just thought it was wierd. I was going to order a mini chloe paddy after Jenna mentioned the site. But now it seems really shady.:yes:
  2. I tried both web sites, and they didn't work. I'd be suspicious.
  3. Pamella, I had noticed the same odd comparison as you, between bagboutique and Diabro.

    I had bookmarked, and it's now come up as Good-Luxe. :confused1:

  4. I have it bookmarked too, and today it says that bag boutique went out of business and that it is now good-luxe. I don't think I'll be buying anything from there anytime soon.
  5. Wow! :wtf:

    I ordered a mini Paddy from Diabro and was all over the authentication threads after the allegations about them selling fakes. Luckily the one I got turned out to be real but I don't think I will ever buy from them again.
  6. :tup:Diabro is a GREAT place to order authentic bags!!!!! :tup:
    Its that I was curious about. seems to have the same photos as Diabro and now is out of business.:tdown:

  7. Please post all questions as to authenticity, including about websites, in the authenticate this chloe thread. thank you!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.