bagborroworsteal SALE!

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  1. Bag Borrow or Steal™

    huge sale in their outlet section. 50% off on coach, dooney&bourke & more.

  2. also on Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, Isabella Fiore & Michale Kors
  3. Thanks for posting!

    Just a warning for those who aren't members - you can't access the Outlet unless you are a member and you have to PAY for the membership!
  4. :confused1:
    i never had to pay.
    are they charging now?
  5. oh, wow, i guess they are.
    sorry guys. i didn't know.
    i joined awhile ago.
  6. Can you give us pic of what's available?
  7. just to go into the Clearance (outlet) don't have to pay. I just signed up for FREE to shop the Outlet.
  8. I've read REALLY bad things about them billing credit cards over and over for no reason so be careful :/
  9. who don't i just bend over and ask to be screwed that way? :wacko:
  10. They have some Marc Jacobs and Coaches that are nice. I just wonder how used they are..:shrugs:
  11. It's definitely free to just look in the Outlet...i think it's if you want to join the membership you start paying.;)
  12. can you buy any of the bags?

    what if you pay long enough that it adds up to the actual price of the purse?
  13. a lot of the bags on the site(that i want, anyways) have a wait list!

  14. Yup, it's free to check out the bags in the Outlet...just got in...get shopping ladies!!!

    Nothing for me though...PHEW
  15. Is their Merch fake?

    This bag kind of looked...weird, to me: