1. Has anyone on here bought a "gently used" handbag from the "Outlet" section of the Bag Borrow or Steal website? If so, how was the quality / condition of the bag?

    I was looking at the bags available for sale, and they had some screaming deals! I just want to make sure that the reduced price doesn't equate to an inferior bag.
  2. I bought a Carlos Falchi small barrel bag from them about a year ago and it looked like it had never been used. Absolutely perfect--and a great deal. I'd definitely purchase from their outlet again.
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  5. I would totally recommend them. Their customer service is excellent (I purchased a bag, received it damaged due to UPS not due to bagborrow and they immediately called UPS and had them pick the bag up at my house for a return). I can only say good things about them and will certainly buy from them in the future. The bag I got was in great condition other than what UPS did to it.
  6. Funny, I was just looking at their outlet! I definitely want to purchase b/c of the great deals. Let me know what you end up getting.
  7. A lot of these bags are seasonal and by the time bagborrowsteal sells it, the new or like new ones are selling for less elsewhere.
  8. Hmmmmmm, i never noticed that se4ctino! i have GOT to go look!
    thanks for the idea!
  9. Do they guarantee that all bags are authentic? How do they prove it?
  10. If you are looking for a particular style and color it maybe a good option (if they have it) Else I've found bags at Marshalls, TJMaxx and other outlet stores at prices much cheaper than theirs. But then the store option is kinda hit-or-miss.
  11. I've made my first foray into BBOS by ordering a Kooba "Sarah" in toast color. It was concurrently on sale at NM for $375 and I paid $175 at BBOS. It is due to arrive 2/1 and i will definitely let you know what condition it is in when I inspect it.

    I remain hopeful....:yes:
  12. I just looked, and there is a bag I definitely want, but don't have the money now. Hopefully it will still be there when I do!

    Thanks for posting this topic, I'm new to those forum, and didn't realize that BBOS had an outlet section. :drool:
  13. really? can you name where? thx! appreciate it!
  14. The bags look pretty nice. If you do purchase, be sure to post photos.