~BagBangBang!!~ Spent 3 hours just taking pictures of her purse collections :)

  1. Hi All,

    How are you doing? I have just finished taking pictures of my purses. I promised that I won't do this anymore.

    It is sooooo tiring.:sweatdrop: I spent 3 hours taking pictures of my purse collections in this house. Taking bags in and out of their dust bags are not fun.
    But, you know what. I am soooo proud.:wlae:

    My collections include mainly LV, Gucci, and Dior.

    Thank you so much for checking my collections. I'll visit yours too.


    allmybags1 copy.jpg allmybag2 copy.jpg allmybag3 copy.jpg allmybag4 copy.jpg allmybag5 copy.jpg
  2. From Left to right:

    • All My Dior Bags 1,2

    • Black Dior bag with shoes

    • Black Saddle Bag with shoes

    • Dior Blue Denim Gaucho
    alldiorbag copy.jpg alldiorbag2 copy.jpg black_dior_bag copy.jpg black_saddle_withshoes copy.jpg dior_blue_denim_gauchobag2 copy.jpg
  3. Left to Right:

    • Dior Denim Gaucho

    • Dior Cadillac

    • Dior double saddle

    • Dior Mini Saddle
    dior_blue_denim_gauchobag copy.jpg dior_cadillacbag copy.jpg dior_cadillacbag_on_model copy.jpg dior_double_saddle copy.jpg dior_minisaddle copy.jpg
  4. :wtf: :nuts: :yahoo: WOW! Great collection!!
  5. Wow...thats one BIG collection. i love it. I wish mine will be as big as yours one day.
  6. From Left to Right:

    • My all dior items 1-2
    • Dior Satin Saddle Bag
    • My Gucci Collection 1-2
    diorfam1 copy.jpg diorfam2 copy.jpg dior_satin_saddle copy.jpg gucci_collection1 copy.jpg gucci_collection2 copy.jpg
  7. Left to Right:

    • Gucci Logo 1-2
    • LV Monogram collection
    • LV Travel Sac chasse
    • LV manhattan GM
    gucci_logo copy.jpg gucci_logo2 copy.jpg monogram copy.jpg sacchasse copy.jpg monogram_manhattan copy.jpg
  8. Thank you for checking...girls!! There are more to come.
  9. Left to Right:

    • My pink collection 1-2
    • Vuitton Pink Perfo collection
    • Vuitton Cherry Blossom
    pinkcollection1 copy.jpg pinkcollection2 copy.jpg vuitton_pinkperfo_collection copy.jpg vuitton_cherryblossom copy.jpg
  10. Oh my!!! I'm loving your Cerise collection and your globe shopper:drool:
  11. Pink Chanel

    Pink Chanel with matching Pink Marc Jacobs Peep toes

    My Orange collection 1-2

    Vuitton Mandarin Epi Collection

    orange_collection1 copy.jpg orange_collection2 copy.jpg mandarin_epi copy.jpg pinkchanel copy.jpg pinkchanelbag_withpinkMJpumps copy.jpg
    • Vuitton Epi Dhanura MM and GM with yoga mat
    • Vuitton New Red Epi Speedy 30
    • My Vuitton Epi Collection
    • My Vuitton Panda collection
    Half way to go....
    dhanuracollection copy.jpg new_red_spi_30 copy.jpg epi collection copy.jpg vuitton_panda_collection copy.jpg
    • My Vuitton Graffiti Collection
    • My Vuitton Cerises Collection 1-2
    • my Vuitton Pochette Collection
    • My vuitton wallets

    vuitton_graffiti_collection copy.jpg vuitton_cherryblossom copy.jpg vuitton_cerises_collection2 copy.jpg vuitton_pochette copy.jpg vuitton_wallets copy.jpg
  12. Gorgeous collection! I love your dior! I have the same saddle purse. Don't you just love it?
  13. Vuitton Vernis Fleurs

    Vuitton Mandarin Epi Alma with Groom round coin purse

    Vuitton Globe Shopper with matching wedges

    Tod's Bag and ballerina
    vuitton_vernis_fleur copy.jpg mandarin_epi_alma copy.jpg Globe_shoppercollection copy.jpg globeshopperbag copy.jpg todscollection copy.jpg