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  1. Has anyone used to be any bag? If so, did you find that they were genuine? Would you recommend them? They sell the designer bags at quite cheap prices which makes me wonder a bit.
  2. I would not risk it. A-lot of the sites that sell those bags other than elux and some others end up ripping people off or selling fakes. Also their prices are too low.
  3. Fake.

  4. how do you know it's fake?
  5. Some of their prices are ridiculously low, and while they're classified as "clearanced" or "returns," I can't tell...There aren't many photos of each. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they legit? :confused1:
  6. From reading what some of the other PFers posted about this site, it seems that it is in fact...too good to be true.
  7. Hmmm...I'm kinda thinking the same thing. There's a suspicious lack of info on the website. Anyone else have any experience w/ them?
  8. First thing I saw was a fake white paddington - so it was a good thing you didnt buy from there. I am very hesitant to shop anywhere chloe doesnt endorse. (eg Saks, Niemans," target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter). Aloharag and Diabro have shown to be good also.
  9. that's what i thought too.. i tell ya - if it seems too good to be true: it is.. thanks! :smile:
  10. I can't imagine that they're real at these prices, but they're advertising on the purse forum.....what's up with them?

    Scroll to bottom of Steals & Deals page to see what I'm asking about
  11. the link doesn't show up to the site anymore, but i clicked on it before it disappeared. it was and i searched on the forum and they said they sell fakes. might have been a fluke for appearing in the bottom of the forum.
  12. That's awful!
  13. There was another one for "botteag veneta" the other day for a site selling fakes, too. I think the mods basically have to just go through and zap each one of these as the come up, as google automatically provides the ads.
  14. I just saw a link on the bottom as well for citivogue or something like that, and it said Prada 70% off. I clicked on it, but as soon as I saw the site, I knew it was fake and closed it right away. How do they post their ad on here like that?