1. Hello All,

    I am new to this site but I just wanted to send you all a quick message about Bagadellic.

    DO NOT purchase from this website. It is a fraud. I paid for a bag which I have never received and now they wont anser my calls or emails. I have lost a significant amount of money and learnt a valuable lesson far too late:tdown:.

    I hope no one else will ever fall into this con.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. :sad: tha'ts awful! but thank you for letting us know. ive never heard of them and will steer clear!!
  3. They don't appear to have any items on their site now. Besides, they sell fakes! They're probably one of those fly-by-night operations that takes the money and runs! I am sorry you got ripped off.
  4. Sorry you got ripped off. Did you use a credit card to pay for it? You should request a charge back.
  5. Hello,

    DO NOT purchase from or

    They both use the same call center phone number 0845 222 0355.

    These are scam sites. They took my money (GBP 125) and never sent my order.

    Now they will not respond to my calls or emails.

    Avoid Bagadellic & Armkandi. You will lose your money.