1. It's discontinued... :sad:
  2. Maybe try eBay or let-trade.
  3. It's the Stephen. There are more pictures of her with it in the "Celebrities and their LVs" thread. Hope that helped!
  4. yep, try let-trade. if it's not posted on their website, just send them an email and ask...they're super friendly and they'll prb be able to find one for you!
  5. There is a new-looking Stephen on right now!!!
  6. try you might get lucky! hope you find one.
  7. I would be VERY careful about buying designer goods on Craigslist.... :nogood:
  8. You can still find that bag on eBay......
  9. It looks amazing!!! :nuts:

  10. do you think you could send me a link on where to get it on let-trade? thanks!
  11. I dont think you would be able to find one on craigslist...
  12. ^^^Me neither and I would be scared too! Heard a couple of HORRIBLE experiences!! Go for the let-trade option!!! They have a stellar reputation!
  13. Wow, that's a LOT of bag for a teenager!;)