Bag with zippered section on the bottom

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm looking for a bag with a zipped section on the bottom (the zipper goes all the way around). I've seen some but wondering if I'm missing any. I don't mind any particular brand.. and colours I prefer black, white, red, brown, camel, dark blue or purple.

  2. I found a Laura Di Maggio light grey bag with a zippered section on the bottom for around 200.00 from TJMAXX. It's really nice. I understand she is an italian designer.
  3. Thank you :smile: Anymore ideas?
  4. Chaiken bags: They were originally designed as diaper bags, but now the company is releasing them as weekenders. They are on sale for $385

    Also, Treesje Ashers and Asher Grandes have a zippered section on the bottom. I know it doesn't work on the Asher - it's just there for show. I can't remember if it's a false zipper on the Grande or not. Regardless, those bags are really cute!
  5. ive seen one from marc by marc jacobs...i think it's the totally turnlock collection?
  6. ^That would be the Posh Super K and Rudy!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Zara have some over here at the moment... I'd assume they do in the US too?
  8. i got a card in the mail from MAXX ny today with a black and white satchel on it with a zipper bottom. Check it out!