Bag With Scarf For Men = ?

  1. Is it okay if I tie a monogram groom scarf around the handles of my reporter pm? Or is that only for females? :confused1:

    I tried it and it looked okay, but not sure whether its suitable for men.
  2. can you post a pic that may help decide
  3. Yes, do that please.
  4. I'm not sure, try it and post a pic!
  5. If YOU like it, that's what matters:smile:
  6. if you like it and feel confident about it why not? i personally don't tie scarves on my bags when i go out. but that's just my own preference ;)
  7. If you like it, go ahead! I would love to see a man carrying LV, scarf or no scarf!!! No guys around me have LV :sad:
  8. I was wondering the same! Hibiscus bandana on monogram keepall...
  9. depends on the way you tie it i think.
    if you put a big fluffy bow on it. then i dont think it would work,
    but if you tied it casually, then it would totally work!
  10. if you tied it like you would a tie i bet it would be cute and good for you to wear
  11. I do this with my Hermes scarves from time to time. It's a nice look.

  12. I think it is totally suitable for men. I agree with the others, tie it like you would a tie.
  13. Yeh, I've tried it!! Groom on keepall, just do it and have no regrets, and take no notice if people say anything rude, after all their not the ones doing it.
  14. I'd have to see a picture of it. :yes:
  15. I think it would look fine.