Bag with no top zip

  1. Hey girls,

    Which is the b-bag without the top zip (that opens and closes the bag)? I am such a newbie. :sad:
  2. The Shrug doesn't have a zipper. Is that what your thinking of?
  3. Hmm it was one of the motorcycle bags. It seemed like the city size but had no top zip. I saw it on someone yesterday but didn't know which style it was. It was in olive green too...
  4. Or the Shopping?
  5. I think the "purse" is also an open top style..but not sure
  6. The purse is zip, shopping is open on the top
  7. ^^ Yup.

    There's a shopping on eBay atm.. #9325565619. Is that the style you saw, ashleyby?
  8. Thanks!! You girls are so quick at responding! Wow! :smile: Yup that is the style I saw. I was a little puzzled because the shopping bag is not something that many PFers have. Does anyone on PF have one?
  9. i do, i use it mostly for travel these days...please feel free to ask any questions!
  10. oh nycmom! do you have pictures of yours? and how big is it on you?
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