Bag with more inter dividers, please help

  1. Most of the LV bags I have seen, only have small side pocket and a cell phone pocket. ( i haven't see a lots, just those one I'm interested)

    Are there any bags have more inter dividers or pockets or compartment or "i don't know how to call it"......

    I just got my Mono Mini Josephine PM, my BF mum saw it, almost rob mine and not give it back. But she doesn't like bag have big empty interior, she likes to have many (or some) small pocket to more organize her things.....

    Please help
  2. Trouville and Deauville have tons of pockets -- they are meant to be travelling cases but most girls use them as everyday bags.
  3. The passy gm and pont neuf, both in epi leather have several compartments. The passy gm has the most I've ever seen in an lv bag. Check those out as they're both beautiful.
  4. i can find the pont neuf, but not the passy gm.... :shrugs:
  5. It's on