Bag with little holes...

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  1. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Last summer I recall seeing bags that had tiny holes all over it. Hard to explain.

    Just wondering if anyone knows the brand of that bag. Thanks!
  2. Both Bottega Veneta and Lockheart had perforated bags like that...
  3. Dooney and Bourke?
  4. Kooba has a perforated Nelli this year I think
  5. Chanel and Louis Vuitton have also had them,.
  6. Rafe has a couple of bags with little flaps and holes - they went on sale at Nordstrom recently.

    BCBG is also doing perforated leathers this year.
  7. I hope that trend is out. Never liked the look.
  8. ^like leather car seats :P

  9. JudieH...I purchased two with perforated leather. One was a Mitzi Baker red hobo, and most recently I bought a Geren Ford bucket bag. Is this what you are referring to?

  10. Botkier made a bag like that... I think it was called the Lola...

  11. I bought a red perf bag last summer and discovered it looked EXACTLY like BFs car seats. I returned it! I should have known better - as I was buying it (at Target or something) I kept thinking it looked alarmingly like my Puma sneakers...

  12. hahahhahahahahhahahah!!!! oh swanky! I cant STAND those car seats lol!!! I also thought about the marc jocobs from a few seasons ago that was perfforated.
  13. bagachondriac- i really like ur bags!!!!
  14. hole in one.jpg
  15. Louis Vuitton had perfo bags a few seasons ago by Marc Jacobs in pink orange and green (underlying color)