Bag with handwritten tag

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  1. Have you ladies ever ended up with a Coach bag that had a handwritten tag on it? There is a bag I am interested in that is listed as "NWOT". I asked the seller if she still had the tag and it just wasn't attached or was it gone altogether. She told me it had a handwritten tag with the style name and SKU on it. What would be the reason for this? Tag lost and couldn't find a replacement? Display model that tag was removed from? I just like to be informed. Buying from auction sites is scary.:-s
  2. I think I've seen one. I've bought things at the outlet that had a generic tag but it wasn't handwritten. They sometimes take returns without a tag. Probably if they know the style number, they might make a handwritten tag. Anytime you buy from a secondary source, you run the risk of getting a fake. You should make sure there are lots of pictures and get it authenticated.
  3. Ya. I wish there weren't so many dishonest sellers so we didn't have to be so skeptical.
  4. I've seen bags at dept stores with handwritten tags. They are usually returns that are put back on the sales floor missing their original tag. But still, use caution and be sure it's authentic.
  5. Thanks! Roger that.
  6. I once bought a candace in cobalt color from Coach full price store. After trying the display bag, I asked the SA to get me a new one from the back. I didn't check the bag until I got home and saw the tag was detached, put in one of the inside pockets, and handwritten! I guess it's a return, but there's nothing wrong with the bag, so I didn't feel the need to exchange it.
  7. Thanks for the input. Seems like it's not so unusual.
  8. I got a bag from FOS that had a handwritten tag. It was also tied to the inside zipper.
  9. I appreciate all this input very much.
    And yes, MRSBWS. Like that one.