Bag Watch List

  1. It just occurred to me ... it appears that there're quite a number of us who had been on the hunt for some bags but have not have much luck in finding them or getting onto the list for them. Therefore, I feel that in addition to an Inventory Thread, maybe we can also have a Bag Watch List thread so that members can list the top 3 bags that they immediately want first but are not on the list for. Meanwhile, the rest of us can also help to keep an eye out for these bags or find out from our respective SAs if these bags will be coming in and share with the rest of us. It will be a good way to help expedite the process for many of the hopefuls.:yes:
  2. I guess I'll start ... Immediate bags I'm currently looking for are:

    - Fuchsia Ostrich RIGIDE Kelly 28cm w/ any color hardware (MUST be RIGIDE, fuchsia ostrich, and 28cm)
    - Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide 31cm (any hardware, must be 31cm and fuchsia ostrich)

    If any of you know that your local store will be getting it in or something, please post so that I can try to see if I can talk the boutique who has my credit into requesting for some kind of interstore transfer. i'm afraid that 5 to 10 yrs from now, my store credit will worth very little:crybaby: TIA:flowers:
  3. -Fuschia Rigide Kelly 32cm (unsure of skin/leather yet)
    -Rouge Vif Kelly/Birkin pre-owned
  4. birkin, 35, toile/ white clemence, pall h/w - please!
  5. Hi Kristie,

    I know that the Chicago store is going to get that exact bag in --- a toile/white clemence 35cm Birkin, w/ PH. I don't know if there is anyone signed up for it, there wasn't a few weeks ago, though. However, my SA is in Paris until next week. But I am positive that it is due to arrive, because we have had a long debate about white bags recently.
    I am not sure how to proceed, but I can ask my SA to let me know when it arrives and then try to notify you...??? might be worth a shot.....
  6. Wow! Kristie....ask and you shall receive! You are on a ROLL girl!!!!!

    Can you imagine if you get the vert anis Kelly AND the toile/white clemence Birkin?????? YIKES!!!!!
  7. OHHH! Sarah - that would be FAB!!!! - They would have to ship to Australia, though...........if you could let me know, I'd certainly appreciate it!!

    Shopmom - your luck is rubbing off on seems I just need to ask for a bag and it appears!!!! Imagine if I get this bag before my Vert Anis?!?!?!?
  8. Kristie.F: You sound like you are officially addicted to Hermes as badly as all of us!!!!! I love your black Kelly! It looks great with a blue twilly.
  9. The three bags I'd get now if I could find them and had the funds:

    - Birkin 35cm Gold Togo, Gold HW
    - Bolide 1923, Fuschia Chevre
    - Rugby, Orange (as seen on

    It's funny, but I made my dream list a scant two months ago, and neither that Bolide 1923 or rugby were on it. But now, they are all I can think about.
  10. 30cm Blue Jean Chevre/Clemence/Togo
    30/35 Rouge H Chevre/Clemence/Togo

  11. 30/35 birkin rouge vif chevre
  12. Great idea Kou!

    I'm looking for a 32 cm cyclamen Kelly with palladium - non-exotic leather and either rigide or souple.
  13. I'm looking for a 32cm dark brown box Kelly with gold hw. :love: But I probably can't get it until next year. :shame:
  14. - Bolide 27cm in Rouge Vif chevre

    Thanks for this, Kou, great idea!
  15. I'd love a 28cm Black Box Chevre de Coromandal Kelly with Pall hw! Just like Fopducks!!!!!!

    Another 31cm Bolide in COLOR (don't know what yet.....)

    And a 30cm Toile/Barenia Birkin any HW (WHEN I can afford it again!)