Bag was shipped and delivered but to whom? sorry a little long....

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  1. I'm so upset and frustrated and don't know if this is the right place to post, so Mods, feel free to move it to where it should go. Ok......I sold my LV Tulum and shipped it last week along with delivery confirm & insurance. According to the USPS website, it was delivered last Saturday morning. Sunday night, she emails me to say that she was checking on the package because it hasn't arrived yet only to see that it was deliverd but she never received the bag. What?!:wtf: She said she was home all day and got her mail but no, where did the bag get delivered to? It has to be signed because it was an insured package so where did it go? I've been on the phone to her PO and my PO and have to wait until Wednesday before I can find out who signed for the bag and in the meanwhile, my poor LV is in the hands of some nefarious person who won't return it back to the PO. I'm probably jumping to conclusions because sometimes the postal carrier will scan the package by mistake and forget to deliver it but I just can't understand where he could have delivered it?! I always check the address 3X before addressing the label & shipping it and I've never had a problem in the entire 3 1/2 yrs. that I've been selling on eBay. First, my 1st neg. which was unjustified, now this......I'm so upset and don't know what to do.:crybaby: I'm trying to accomodate her by doing as much as I can but once it's delivered and signed for, what else can I do? I have my receipt, the delivery confirm & insurance papers to prove that I've done everything accordingly but this just really makes me CRY! I don't want it to get to the point of a claim by Paypal on her part and me trying to get my $$ from the PO. Sorry for the long post......just really upset right now.:sad:
  2. Well, as far as a claim through PayPal, YOU have proof of delivery, so you should be covered there.
    SHE needs to go to her Post Office and present the package ID number (the number on the label for either the delivery confirmation or the express label). More than likely it's just sitting at her post office, due to carrier error--it got marked as delivered in their system but it was in fact "attempted" delivery.

    Try to calm down! Just send her a note requesting that she visit her post office with the appropriate label number, and then hope that they can sort it out. Worst case, you did the right thing by requiring a signature and insuring it fully, so you will at least get the insurance refund back if it never shows up. But I have had this same thing happen a bunch of times and not once has the package totally disappeared yet, in eight years of selling. Good luck!
  3. So long as you requested a signature (for an item over $250) and sent to a confirmed address then you will have no problem if it does go to a claim. You will just have to provide the online tracking no to Paypal and that will be it.
    Don't rule out that she is trying to scam you either.
  4. Was the parcel sent to a confirmed paypal address?
    Did you send the parcel out within 7 days of payment?
  5. Yes, the address was a confirmed PP address and I shipped it within 24 hrs. after her Paypal payment. I called Paypal to tell them my problem in the event that a claim might be made and they said that they would actually need to see the words, "the item was delivered on so and so date and signed for by xxxx", in addition to all the other paperwork, for me to be 100% protected by Paypal's Seller Protection.:cursing::cursing: Nevermind the fact that I did everything else right! I swear, it seems that Paypal only benefits the buyers and not the sellers. Sellers have to meet so much criteria before they are even considered "non-liable" for claims made from buyers. I really, really hate eBay and Paypal right now.:tdown:
  6. Yes, unfortunately, items over $250 need signature confirmation.
  7. Wait, you DO have that proof, right? You sent it insured, with delivery confirmation AND signature required, yes?
  8. Yes, I have the receipt from the PO where I shipped it along with the delivery confirmation and insurance. Anything over $250 should be insured and needs a signature so it wasn't necessary to purchase additional signature confirmation.
  9. Ah, I see. PayPal will tell you that it WAS necessary to purcase additional signature confirmation. That might be an issue for you IF it goes to a PayPal claim.

    Since it has not gotten to that point yet, what is the buyer saying? Have you asked her to check with her Post Office by actually going in there and asking the person at the counter? I find that on the phone they never are really that helpful, but if you are standing there in person, they tend to miraculously find the item more often than not.
  10. Yeah but she got the postage at the PO so I think the cost of it goes in with her fees there. When you ship from the PO and pay there, you can't have both ins & sig. conf. So she just has to go through the extra hoop waiting until it shows who signed.

    PP shipping is different than USPS postage.
  11. Yes, you are correct. I did purchase it at the PO and it the cost was included altogether so it wasn't necessary to purchase the additional sig. confirmation which would have been redundant.
  12. I did tell her to go to the PO and also gave her the insurance receipt # in case she needed it....whether or not she went, I don't know. I need for her to do a little work too because it's not my fault at all if it was delivered and signed by someone else or a if it was an error from her PO for scanning it prior to actually delivering it. As far as purchasing additional sig. conf., it's not necessary because I purchased it at the PO and the cost included sig. conf......believe me, I asked the person behind the counter. It's just a matter of waiting for the signature to register in their system. *UGH* I hate this!!
  13. By the way it's not the receipt they want at Paypal, it's the online tracking number. That's what you need to provide.
    There is an additional service offered by USPS called Restricted Delivery whereby you only allow the actual addressee to sign for the package, but it's $4.10 flat rate and only available with certain services. I'm thinking about adding this to my packages in future where possible, $4 is a small amount to pay for that peace of mind.
  14. Yes, I do know that they want the delivery confirmation #. Since it's been delivered, they can click onto the "additional information" and it will tell you the shipping history: where is was accepted, when it arrived at their PO and when it was delivered. By purchasing insurance, postal carriers are not allowed to let anyone but the recipient sign for it otherwise they won't relinquish the package. IDK, it just seems so strange to me that it's been delivered yet they say they won't let anyone else sign for it and she adamantly says she was home and the postal carrier never knocked on her door:confused1:. I just have to wait until tomorrow when the signature is up on their website to see what's what. *BIG sigh*:sad:
  15. I've gone through this situation before. As long as you can prove that someone signed for your parcel to the correct address, you will be fine even if buyer does a paypal chargeback on you.

    In my case there was a buyer who had criminal intentions by receiving goods then tried her luck at reversing Paypal payments. I worked with 12 other sellers when Paypal froze all our accounts. I was lucky because I could prove she had someone sign for them (note, need not be her sig). Some sellers were lucky some weren't. Those who were shipped with insurance or signature/delivery confirmation. If you looked at my negs (same ID), those were from her.