Bag was not as described!! Help!

  1. I just purchased a tokidoki bag on eBay for about $250, and it was described as New with Qee (qee is the keychain that comes attached with all tokidoki bags) and there was no qee at all. And the bag also looks like it's been used, it's really flimsy. The qee isn't so important, but I paid close to $250 for it thinking it was new and would come with a keychain. Now I'm not sure what to do. I've never been in this situation. I don't want to return the bag, but I'd like a partial refund. What do you ladies recommend I should do? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi!
    I would open a dispute to make sure
  3. Okay, I tried that. But I have another question, is the only way to get a refund is to send the bag back? Should I escalate it to a claim? I feel I have been ripped off, and I don't think the seller would care for a partial refund, since it's hard to give value to a keychain that is supposed to come in a set.
  4. No, when you escalate it to a claim, paypal should ask you if you want a full or a partial refund.

    Have you contacted the seller yet to ask about it? That should be the first think you do.
  5. I would email the seller first and try to resolve the issue directly with them. If that does not work, then file a claim with eBay and or paypal!
  6. I opened a dispute, but I haven't received a reply yet. It seems she is just ignoring me because I saw she just listed some new items in between the time I opened the dispute to now. Ugh. Should I escalate it to a claim now?
  7. Did you email the seller first? She may not have seen the paypal claim yet. Alot of people have a different email address for their paypal account perhaps she has not seen the dispute!
  8. Yes I emailed her twice and still no response!
  9. make sure you send the emails through eBay not direct to her email address!
  10. If you win the dispute you'll have to send the bag back. Most sellers do not like doing partial refunds and PP can't force a partial out of her...just a full refund. If she wins yoy keep the bag and she gets her money unfrozen. She has to AGREE to a partial refund, kwim?
  11. I really would have appreciated a response from her. I sent one email directly from ebay and one from my email account. At this point I would rather just send the bag back and be over with it since it doesn't look very "new" to me. Argh! It's so frustrating.
  12. ^^ sadly, it sounds like the item wasn't as described...missing the qee is a big deal, even if it's not important to you...and if the bag shows visible wear, that's another "no-no"...i'm sorry she hasn't responded yet, because a good seller should refund you in of luck to you & keep us posted on what happens :flowers:
  13. Update: The seller finally contacted me and has offered a partial refund. The difference is still above the retail value of the bag. I find that unfair that this used bag would still cost me more than the retail price. If I deny the partial refund, is there a chance I could still send it back and get a full refund?