Bag war- which bag to buy? (advice!)

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  1. Hello all. So I need a nice basic black bag. With LOTS of pockets. My current bag has almost no pockets and is a nightmare to get things out of. I will seriously search for my keys for five minutes. I decided to go with a brand I know and trust, Sabina (the only decent bags sold at UO and at this price range, that I know of). However, I'm caught between two styles.

    This is my first contender. It's on SALE, which is a big plus. It also has five front pockets-which is very tempting. It has a couple bad reviews saying the rubber on the handle peels (I have a Sabina bag with the rubber on the handle that has never once peeled. And I've owned it for over a year). Another girl who's owned it for over a year had no peeling complaints. The zippers are apparently easy to break-but they also look like an easy fix (just little metal rings).

    Aaaaand here's number two. It isn't on sale and has no reviews as of yet, so I have no idea how it fares. It only has one front pocket, but has the advantage of a cross-body strap. The two bags are about the same size (if you look at the measurements).

    What do you ladies think? I wish I could get a nice designer bag, but I can't afford it as a college student unless it's for a special occasion. I like Sabina-they're great for the price. But I'm unsure here.
  2. Hi, I really like the first one.. it's bigger, and looks smooshier..

    kudos to you for sticking to your budget and not over-extending yourself financially :tup:
  3. I like the second option, messenger style bags are so convenient when you want to have your hands free.
  4. :biggrin: Thanks. I pretty much already over-extend myself financially going to school. College is definitely not cheap! Hopefully when I get my degree I'll be able to get a well paying job so I can get some of the nice designer things I lust after.

    See, my problem is I like the smooshiness of one bag, but the sleekness of the other. I'm awful with choices. :Push:
  5. I like both - they are so different!!! I prefer #1 due to it's size and the fact that you are a student. I think you are also getting more bang for your buck.

    #2 is gorgeous and yes sleeker but I don't see it as an everyday bag.
  6. @tallulah187: They're actually both about the same size! The pictures are pretty deceiving, but by looking at the measurements the first bag is only a teeny bit larger.
  7. Oh I love a good purse competition! I really like the first one, it looks like it will be a durable bag for a long time. It could look casual or dressier too IMO. UO does have some very cute bags.
  8. I like both, but I like the second one the best.
  9. I like the first one best, seems to have the most pockets and room. And the fact that it is one sale is a bonus too!
  10. Definitely the 2nd one!

    And I like budget finds :biggrin:
    I never bought designer bags...well, except for 1 (and that was only because I got an awesome deal on it), when I was still in school either.
  11. I'd have to say the 1st one. They're both cute styles, but the drop and roominess of the 1st one is what made me choose it.
  12. the first one. its bigger and i like big bags. The pockets r a plus too.
  13. Oh you know what? I was considering between the first one you posted and the Sabina Flapover Satchel. For you, I'd go with the first one because you can adjust the strap to your comfort! :smile:
  14. I like #1 better. I much prefer bigger bags because I find them more useful, especially when I was in school.
  15. UPDATE: Bag #2 just went on sale for CHEAPER than bag #1. This is getting more difficult. (But I guess it's a good thing I waited!) :S