Bag wanted!! Does anyone know where I can get this in Toronto??

  1. Hi, I really like this Dior Logo bag but I have no idea how much it is or where I can find it?? I found it on the Dior Offical site and I was wondering if they sell it in Toronto?? and what's the price of it? If anyone know pls reply. Thank You!
  2. What does it look like?

    i think could be of help to you?

    Good luck~
  3. no I've try that site doesn't have it...
    anyway, I'm new to this forum so I dunno how to post the pic up....can u teach me how i can do that?
    Dior Bag.JPG
  4. Hmmm, and you can't order if offline (Dior site)???
  5. I saw that bag in Vegas and I believe it was going for 1000 ish...
  6. go to HR on Bloor, I was there the other day and they sells Dior bags there, lots and lots of nice Dior bags.
  7. i think i saw it at HR before
  8. HR on Bloor? :confused1: A Toronto store?
  9. Holt Renfrew on bloor. Dior bags section is located somewhere near LV and Gucci in HR.
  10. Holt Renfrew does have them.