bag vs. wallet

  1. i'm on the waitlist for tivoli pm and i'd like to get a wallet to go with it. HOWEVER, i am debating whether i should get a nice, expensive one (something like over $650) OR something cheaper so that i can get either an azur speedy 25 or 30. what do you guys think? for wallet i have the following in mind: the french purse or koala in pomme (the more expensive pieces); or i should stick with the mono or azur. please please help me!!
  2. I never owned any Vernis pieces. I love the Pomme color but not that much for me to buy one.

    Anyway, for a wallet and bag. It depends. For me I have many wallets so I will consider to buy a bag but if you're using just one wallet so I would not care to pay higher price for a wallet.

    I love Azur wallet.
  3. I think you should go for a Mono Koala wallet. :yes:
  4. Sorry douple post
  5. but quite frankly speaking i'm not a fan of the mono wallets for some reason... the only reason i'm thinking of getting one is to match with the bag... but i'm only getting one wallet (at least for this year) so i need to be more careful in considering what i want/need.
  6. I find this a very difficult question. I guess it really depends on what you have already. I love LV wallets. So if you don't have a Mono one yet I say get one of those (they're classics).
  7. actually.. tivoli will be my first lv =P
  8. The Tivoli is a beautiful bag. I like matching bags and wallets too.

    But if you don't like the mono print that much then maybe you should stick with a koala in pomme?

    Please don't forget to post a pic when your tivoli!
  9. I have a damier azur koala and a damier PTI! I have both because I like to use the koala only in the summer. Over the years I found out that wallets as paranoid as it seems are more difficult than bags for me..So go and see all of them and decide then. For me it's better to buy something more expensive and use it for years and years than something that you are going to change in let's say a year's time...

    Good luck finding yours..
  10. Mono koala - this is a perfect wallet that you will have for many years. I own one and absolutely love it. It goes w/all my bags and holds a ton!
  11. Wallets are so much more difficult to buy, at least for me, and the selection always takes much thought for me. I love the pomme vernis its so pretty; however, I decided after so much thought to buy another monogram because I learned from earlier wallets, the canvas is so strong and holds up so well which is what is needed for a wallet. The mono, damier, and azur canvas will stand the time and look as good 5 years from now. I do think you should get a wallet before another bag, if you cannot have both. Let us know what you decide!
  12. I'd get a wallet - personally, I rarely change my wallet, but I change bags quite often. If you count per use - you'd get a lot more "value" out of a wallet ! :yes:
  13. Once I became content with my bag collection, I bought an LV wallet.
  14. thanks for all of your inputs!! i think i might (oh god.. i don't know if i'm gonna change my mind again.. but hopefully not..) get either the french or koala wallet in pomme because it's just absolutely TDF!! right now.. it's all down to which one is more functional and can endure more...
  15. by the way, the pomme isn't sold out yet right? because on elux i've noticed some of the vernis bags don't have the pomme anymore.. even though i'm going to get it at the boutique i'm scared that they won't carry that anymore because it's a seasonal item...